The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


18. Bittersweet Day

Sapphire P.o.v

So while me and Kat were napping I was awoken by a hard vibration.I open my eyes and looked around half asleep. Kat was still passed out. I looked around for the vibration I could find it until I moved Kat and under her was her phone going crazy. I picked it up and seen it was a call. So I looked at the caller ID it was Niall so I answer it. Hello? I probably sounded horrible from crying then sleeping. Hi Sapphire is Kat there? He asked . Yea but she's sleeping hold on. Before I started to shake the her and say her name. She didn't wake up. Hold on Niall. I said before putting the phone. I got on my feet and start jumping on my bed and screaming her name. KAT! Wake up Niall on the phone! I yelled. She started to stir alittle bit I jumped up one more time before I feel because I forgot I didn't take off my shoes. There was a big bang Then Kat decide to wake up. I started to laugh my head off for an unknown reason. You ok Sapphire? Kat asked I nodded and pointed to the phone. She grabbed it and said hello. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath.I haven't laughed this much in a awhile. I always had something on my mind between my mother calling me about my father or my own personal problems. So I enjoyed this laughed and was not going just to stop. Sapphire you need help. Kat said yawning then stretching. For some reason that made me laugh even harder. Then my phone started to buzz so I crawled over to it because I didn't get up. I got it out my bag without looking who it was. Hel-hello? I said between laughs. Sapphire? As soon as heard the voice I stop laughing. Dad? I asked. Yes.He said. What do you want? I ask in the angriest voice I could make in that time. You haven't talked to me since I was 13 what do you want? I asked. Sapphire you know my living condition and I do feel as if my time here is short. So as my dieing wish is for you to forgive me. He said with one thing I never heard in his voice before forgiveness,sorrow. I didn't even respond . I was a fool. He continued. I was so caught up in my self to put anything to thought. I regret what I did to you. I wish I could have my little girl that used to visited me every time you were bored or just couldn't wait to see me. I know this is alot to take in but Sapphire I regret everything I did. You might not like it but your always would be my little princess. And I love you. He said I could tell he meant every word just by the way his voice sounded. I was tearing up. I never thought my father would come around. To say sorry I never thought that he felt that way.All the nights I cried myself to sleep because I felt unloved and betrayed. Sapphire you still there? My father asked. For once saying my father didn't hurt. Yea I'm here. I said. Sapphire I want to see you before I go .Plus your mother wants to see you to. So can come within the week. He asked. Dad I can't just get up and go but I will certainly try. I said . For once I didn't have that little gray cloud over my head from the hurt I been threw with him. I felt like a different person. Ok Well I gotta go sweetie bye. He said Bye . I said before the phone clicked. I smiled and went to hug Kat I just had the urge. What was that a  peaceful conversation with your dad what happened? Kat questioned. He said sorry and that he regret everything and he wanna see me before he goes. I said in the hug. I let a tear fall from my eyes. I been crying alot today I thought today. 
What about you? I asked breaking the hug. Well the boys are on there way here to drop Harry off and Niall taking me out. Kat said smiling then blushed. Aw Kat has alittle crush! I said poking her cheeks . Shut up! She said slapping my hand. Ow! But I guess we should do our hair. I said pointing to the mirror . Kat's curls feel and her hair was wavy and my fishtail braid had hair sticking out everywhere. We did our touch up and waited for the boys. Today was bittersweet on one hand I was in fear with my child.But on the other hand my father finally said sorry and cleared up alot. So at this point I was ok. After 5 minutes we heard a knock at the door. I went down stair and answered it.I was greeted with a kiss and Hi from the boys I waved back and smiled.No they do not know yet only Louis we haven't decide how to tell them. Kat walked by me and waved telling me she was coming back here tonight and was soon gone with the boys.

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