The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


10. Aquarium

Niall's P.o.v
After working up the nerve to ask Kat on a date. I guess you can call it that. But only to my luck something pops up. I mean the everything with Sapphire is terribly sad and I'm sorry for her no matter what but couldn't god wait a day?
 Well after Kat and I walked outside I was gonna take her I been dying to take her. I started walking her in a direction of a cab because walking there will kill us. As soon as I seen a cab I called him down. He stop in front of us I got in the car then her. Where to? The cab driver asked us. Kat looked at me not knowing what to say. So now both of there eyes were lock on me. Can you please take us to the aquarium? I asked the man. Sounds like a plan. The driver said. I looked to my left to see Kat smiling like mad man. What? I asked her in complete confusion. I never been to an aquarium before due to me practically raising myself. She said brushing the last part off. Well your in for a treat because your time at a aquarium and your with the world famous Niall Horan. I said playfully . She nudge me and then said. Well I'm glad  I'm going for the first time with you . She said holding my hand a little tighter. I looked down then looked up and smiled at her. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks. There was something about Kat that could make me smile even thought the rough time some the fans would give me. The way her hair fall perfectly on her face. It's something she does that will always will have a hold on me and I knew since the night I seen her dancing on the floor. While in my train of thought of the most beautiful girl in my life. The taxi driver stop and said . Were here that will be 35.45. I went to get my money out of pocket and pay the man but Kat beat me to it. You can't pay I'm taking you out and treating you like the princess you are. I told her meaning the last part. But Niall I should chip in a little bit. Kat protested. No I will not allow that I said giving the driver his money plus a tip. I smiled as I slid out the car. We walk up to the building and I toke her hand as we walked in

. The date was amazing! We walked around the aquarium hand in hand .Talking about our daily life's and family's and anything that came to mind .Getting into deep conversation with every topic. Plus to see Kat's face light up when we went to another tank full of sea life was priceless. We have left the aquarium and now off the a place for food. My favorite thing in the world! Hopefully while were out eating  I would up the courage and ask her to be mines. Thanks Niall for everything this is really the best thing anyone has ever did for me. Kat said breaking the never awkward silence. I smiled at her. No problem anything for my princess. I told her. You know I'm no princess Niall and that I don't deserve any of this. Kat said looking down. I got upset she didn't think she was worth anything. I stop walking causing her to stop to. I grab her chin lightly and pushed it up. You are thou and beyond that.You should never doubt yourself on that. I told her not wanting her feeling so unworthy. Before she could say anything I hugged her. Thanks Niall. Kat said as she smiled wiping her eye real quick. I got to get to the bottom of this unworthy feeling Kat keeps on having. I felt my pants vibrate. I grab my phone from my pocket to see a text from Harry.

Were are you guys? Are you still going out with us?

Before replying I looked at Kat who was walking toward the menu . Kat do you wanna go out with everyone? I asked her so I can reply to Harry. I was so hoping she would say no. Umm yea I should live it up before my mom comes home and snap on me for not being there. She said looking up from the menu. I got my phone and text Harry back
Were eating and yea when are you leaving?

As we order from a little pizzeria around the block from Sapphires' house. My phone buzzed again.

Harry- Were leaving in an half an hour so hurry up! And sure eating ;)

Me- Ok were on our way now.
We ate our pizza and walked to Sapphire's house. We walk up to her apartment to three faces waiting for us. About time ! Harry said as soon we were close enough not to yell. Were here were here! I said as I dreaded my and Kat alone time ending. I'm change real quick! Kat said walking past Louis ,Harry and Sapphire. After it seem forever Kat comes wearing this.
[polyvore] (white and blue is Kat). Ok we can leave a impatient Louis said getting up and walking to the door, We all followed leaving Liam and Zayn behind.

Noone P.o.v

The gang goes to a small club. When there Harry and Louis had there mind on being alone with Sapphire. Well Niall and Kat disappear to a place with both of them. Drinks were being handed out and being drank. The whole night once one boy left Sapphire side the other came.Causing  Harry and Louis kinda fight over Sapphire.
 After only 2 hours of being out they decide to go home.

(a/n the last part was kinda a filler to next chapter :)....)

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