The Unexpected

This story is from my quotev account. This story is mine but is just now on here.

All We Wanted To Do Was Party We Never Knew They Would Be There


35. Apologizes

Kat’s P.o.v
I was shocked by the news that Harry and Skylar was a thing. When Sapphire left I cursed Skylar out. How could she! Everyone found out and was equally mad. But now I see Sapphire getting drunk every night and dying her hair and everything. I need to apologize to her for the sake of everyone. Sapphire needed to heart me. Me and Niall hanged out all day today. With all the text message drama he always makes me smile. He was my rock, my support and the light at the end of the tunnel to me. I truly loved him with all of my being. I feel asleep messing with the promise ring he gave me. After a couple hours of peaceful sleep. I was awaken by loud sobs. I know it was Sapphire, I doubt someone will break in my house and just started crying. I sluggishly got of bed. Then walked down the hall to Sapphire’s room, which her door was wide open. I was shocked it was wide open but did something was overdue. I went to Sapphire’s crying body on the bed and hugged her. Kat I’m sorry for not talking to you. She said in my arms. Sapphire I wanted to say something but I felt as if Harry came clean. It would be better. It killed me not telling you.  I admitted. It’s ok.  I’m just dumb for not noticing something was wrong. She cried. Honey it’s not your fault. You did everything you could. I said. I made a mess out of everyone and thing. Why can’t I just do something right. Sapphire sobbed harder. I sat there with no respond and let Sapphire cry on me. Thanks Kat, It’s nice to have someone there for me. Sapphire said. I yawned pretty loud then say. You’re my best friend I will always be there for you. Sapphire sniffled “ How about we finish this conversation tomorrow? She asked. Yea see you tomorrow good night Saphy. I called her a nice name she always laughed at. Good night Kit Kat. She smiled. I went back to my room and continue sleeping. I’m happy we made up.

Sapphire’s P.o.v
As Kat walked out I sat alone in the dark starting into nothing. I took my heels off but keep my little black dress on. I went out tonight I just didn’t drink I just wanted to dance tonight. Many boys came and told me nice things, which made me think of how me and Harry meet . So I left in a hurry. On my drive back I seen this little old couple. Looking deeply into each other eyes. I don’t know why they were out so late but I longed for what they had. Yes in my heart I’m going to feel unworthy. But I can and will do better than Harry. I’m upset with him obviously but in time it will go away. Skylar I will never like her but if she is going to be here. I might as well acted like I like her at school. Since her, me ,Kat and Jake have classes together. I think it’s time I l hear people out. So as of now I will stop faking smiling when I interacted with people , because all I really want to do is cry my eyes out. I won’t mope around anymore. I will get up and start over. I need to start becoming happy once again. Everyone knows I need to be. Well I can try my hardest.

Skylar’s P.o.v
Just as I thought my chance at my plans would failed. I got a text “ Sorry for yelling at you .” Kat sent me. If this wasn’t so important I would of slapped Sapphire back and yelled back at Kat when she yelled at me. But I stood quiet for their sake. I smiled widely. Plan back in action I thought to myself. It’s ok see you in school. I replied. I can’t wait until it all goes down. I put my phone down and went to cuddle with the boy I won over. Some people can be so dumb!

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