Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


14. welcome Darcy

Harry P.O.V

I was at the studio recording the new album heart breakers when my phone stared ringing.

Hello I said

Harry is Carly there something that I need to tell you


well this morning charlotte called me and said she was having contraction and that I needed to take her to the hospital so I drove to your house and when I got there she was in the bathroom floor crying in pain I tried to pick her up but she was to heavy and I called 911 and the came and took her to the hospital and now I'm here with her in the hospital.

wait but I'm all the way in Manchester how am I suppose to get there in time?????

I don't know but please hurry she needs you

OK ill try to get there fast

OK thanks

**End conversation**

I ran to were the boys were sitting.

BOYS BOYS BOYS Omg im going to be a father my girlfriend is in the hospital and she is about to have our baby.

 the boys stood up and started to cheer and congratulate me we all hugged and all.

ok guys now lets get to the hospital we don't have much time goooooooooo.

we all ran out the door and got in the car we speed out and drove as quickly as we can.

then we got to the hospital and I ask the nurse were is Charlotte Jenner my girlfriend is at

then the nurse said yes she just came an hour ago

I walk into the room and she was feeling pain" the midwife asks "Not yet, the contractions are bearable at the moment" I said. Its now 4pm, your dad arrive and  mom walks over to Charlotte and kisses her and hugs her. "Harry, I remember when my wife was in hospital with Charlotte It's going to be a great experience" Charlotte Dad says. "I remember doing the same thing with you Harry. I love you darling"  my mom says. It is now 6pm. Charlotte is getting extremely uncomfortable. she can't eat. You are laying in the hospital bed, with a monitor on your belly tracking the baby's heart rate and your contractions. I said is sitting in the seat next to you holding your hand. my mom Anne and Charlotte Dad Ricardo show up and they brought you flowers. my mom walks over to charlotte and kisses her on the forehead. "How you feeling Charlotte?" Anne asks "I'm okay, In a lot of pain though". Another few hours past. You are tensing up. You clench your fist and cry in pain due to contractions. Harry is holding your hand letting you know its okay. You put your head in the pillow and cry.Harry kisses your hand as your panting trying to over come the horrible pain. she was crying and  hasn't left her at all.

The boys come and walk in the greet you. Liam and Danielle bring flowers and Eleanor, Louis, Zayn and  Niall bring flowers too. It's now 8pm, you were 5cm dilated. The Anesthesiologist comes in and asks "Would you like any pain relief Mrs. Styles?" "Um, yes! I would like an Epidural please". You sit up on your bed with Harry holding both your hands. The Anesthesiologist is sterilizing your back and she starts to put the epidural in. You are grabbing Harry's hands really hard. The epidural is in, and you finally get to relax abit. You lay back down and Harry has his hand on your head patting it. she wasn't in pain anymore, you fall asleep. Everyone is still in the room sitting on lounges some were sleeping. You wake up as you feel something wet. "Harry" you say in a soft voice. "Harry" you repeat until he wakes up. Harry looks at you and you say "Can you see if my water broke". Harry gets up off the chair and walks over to you. He lifts up the sheet and sees water everywhere. "Yeah sweetie" he says. Anne walks over to get the midwife. The midwife checks you and you are now 8cm's dilated. 2 more and you're ready to push. You are getting nervous now you are really anxious. The midwife walks back in and checks you and harry mom leave the room, now is just you me. It's 11Pm and she is at  10cm dilated and you are ready to push.

Then the two nurses grab Charlotte legs and she stared to push. I stared recording." Okay Charlotte push when you have another contraction.... and go!" The midwife is counting to ten as you are pushing as hard as you can. Harry is supporting you by saying "You're doing it Charlotte! Baby is coming!". Charlotte is laying there tired and the baby isn't out "Please please come out!" I say. Its Charlotte last push. "Come on sweetheart you're doing great, the baby is coming!" Your baby is out and the Midwife is untangling the umbilical cord. "IT'S A PRETTY GIRL!" the Midwife says! " me and Charlotte were crying happy tears, I  leans over to give you a kiss. "Harry did you want to cut the umbilical cord?" the Midwife asks. I was happy to oblige. The Midwife passes the baby to Charlotte while they are cleaning her with a towel. Charlotte was  laying on the bed relieved it was all over. I  comes back in the room and gives her a kiss. I  walks over to where your baby was. The midwife was putting a diaper on her and getting her footprints to put on the birth certificate. "What are you going to call her" the midwife asks. I  looks over at Charlotte and we both smile at each other. "Darcy" Harry happily says. "Darcy Anne Styles". The midwife looks at me and I says "That's a beautiful name". I said thanks you


Charlotte P.O.V

there was not a sight more beautiful than looking down at your beautiful newborn daughter. She had green eyes like her dad, Harry, who was leaning over your shoulder to look at her.

“She’s beautiful, just like you,” Harry whispered, "not wanting to ruin the peace of the moment.

 That was one of the things about Harry that you loved. Even when you felt like crap, with messy hair, no makeup, and were irritated and tired, he could look beyond that and see the incredible, strong woman you were.

“Do you want to hold her?” you asked him.

His lips trembled for a second, then nervously he agreed. You carefully placed the baby in his arms, and surprisingly enough, she didn’t cry. She stayed asleep, and you could hear her breathing in and out.

 Harry started to slowly bounce her, and lined her cheek with one of his thumbs.

“Hi, precious,” he said quietly. “It’s me, daddy.

 You could see his eyes started to water. It seemed like everything about the moment was so perfect. You knew it just the start of a beautiful new family. then the boys came in the room harry said guys met Darcy my daughter. They all walked up to him and started to say how they will protect her from any boy and how shes gonna be beautiful and that she has he uncles to be there for her they all were fighting to see who will carry her first god our daughter is very lucky she has 4 carring uncles and a loving mother and father.

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