Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


4. The talk

Charlotte P.O.V

I woke up and i said was this all a dream or did this really happen.Omg wait this is real. Then 1day past and i was at work when harry came and told me that he was going to pick me up at 8 tomorrow for our date.i said ok and then my break finish i went back to work then when my shift finish so i went back to the aparment so i can tell my sister about what had happen the day before and today. I open the door to our aparment and saw my sister sitting in the couch i walked up to her and started to talk Me- Carly there is something i have to tell you ok so yesterday was my first day at work right so i meet this guy named Harry Styles you know from that band One Direction she looked at me comfused so i got my phone out and showed her the video wmyb then she remembered who they were so i told her everything about when harry catched me when i fell and how he got me the ice pack and today how he ask me out on a date.

Carly P.O.V

I ask who is harry styles then charlotte showed me a video of his band One Direction. What do u think about harry styles my sister asked with a smile on her face i looked at her and said he seems like a nice guy. so should i go on that date with him ? she said i looked up at her once again and said i think you should u havent date anyone for years ever since we been in that stupid orphanage i think you should give him a chance and get to know him better. she smiled and gave me a hug me  thank you for the advice little sis she said i said no problem.ok so the date is tomorrow at 8 i need to find something to wear but i dont known what i dont have alot of money she said. Lets go to the mall i told her we havent been shooping yet maybe will find you something that is beautiful yet affortable she smiled and thanked me yet again and grabed her purse and left to go tothe mall.I called a taxi and it came then drove us to the mall once we got there we paid the cab driver and headed in. We saw this store that sold the most beautiful dresses i ever seen we walked in and saw this golden dress stapless floor lengh dress with a short sleeve and Beading, Lace, Side Draping, Criss Cross it was beautiful i checked the price and it was 800$ i couldent afford that neither could my sister we started to argue about the price of the dress when a guy with brown messy hair came and said Hello i couldent mind but eeasedrop but im Louis Tomblinson. i got up and gretted him Hello im Carly Jenner and that is my sister Charlotte Jenner.Wait Charlotte Jenner u work in hollister right? yeah my sister said. Do u two know each other i said? oh sorry im Harrys best friend hes been talking nonestop about you louis said i looked at my sister and she was blushing.

Louis P.O.V

I can believe i found the charlotte jenner wow shes beautiful in person harry wont stop talking about her nonestop so i said um what you doing here i asked her.Oh well harry invited me on a date for tomorrow and i need to find a dress to wear i found this one but is way to expencive i dont have that much money she said.Well i can help you with that ill buy you the dress think of it as a early birthday or christmas gift i said.Oh no i cant let you do that is to expensive she said. Are you kidding me no is nothing really ill do anything for my bros girl here give me the dress ill go pay for it right now she handed me the dress and i went to the cash register i bought the dress and gave her the bag were to next girls i said the bothed looked at me and laughed well i guess we need to buy shoes they both said ok lets go we went to the shoe store and found these gold heels that matched her dress and i bought them for her she said i dont know any way to reapay you thank you for all this she hugged me and  kissed my cheek i said it was no problem really i could buy anything im rich well not as rich as harry but im rich all right we all laughed and i brought the girls back to there aparment and then left they we both so nice cant wait to tell harry about this day.



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