Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


5. The date

Charlotte P.O.V

I put on the dress then I looked in the mirror. The dress fitted me well and fell mid-thigh.My figure was pretty proportionate, but I look very good.Then my sister did my makeup she started working around my eyes applying eye shadow liner and mascara. Then moved to my lips she put a light pink lipstick.I looked In the mirror and my sister put a lot of makeup I don't usually use makeup I use it for special occasions I guess this is one.she took my hair down and tossed it and Curled it she left a curl lose near the left side of my face while twisting the rest to the right side my bangs feel soft and she finish out with a tone of hairspray.

I turned and look into the mirror and gasped.

That girl in the mirror was not Charlotte Jenner

"Oh my god" I whisper to my self " I look"...

"Beautiful" said Carly "you look incredible "

I looked in to the mirror and but the earrings I bought and the necklaces and bracelet the I sit down and put on my high heels. Then I said I think this night might be wonderful. Then I hear the doorbell and I went down stairs and open the the door and see Harry standing there wearing a nice blue blazer with some black jeans and some converse. " Hi Harry" I said with a smile on my face and he smiled back " Hey Charlotte " I gestured for him to come in and close the door behind him. I look at my sister and she look surprised " Carly this is Harry and Harry this is Carly my sister " then he told me after we left that after we leave to bring my flats so I went upstairs and put my flats in my bag." We'll I guess we better get going " " Harry nodded " ok bye you to have fun! But not to much fun said Carly. " SISTER" .... And Harry chuckled a bit then my siter came over and gave me a hug " bye" them she pause and whisper in my ear he's very hot in person��. I laughed .

We were on the road... I told Harry plase tell me where we are going ?? He laughed and then he said is a secret. I was like fine ... He turn up the music and we heard a familiar tune dum da dum da dum dum dum your insecure don't know what for we laughed and started to sing your turning heads when you walk through the door don't need make up to cover up being the way that you are is enough everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you then Harry smiled at me then his solo came and he sang it to me baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelm but when you smile at the ground it's not hard to tell you don't know your beautiful I started to blush.

We finally we got to were we were going we were at the carnival that was In town. I was so happy I have wanted to come here since I was little , and even better I'm with Harry. He turn of the engine and look at me" I hope this place is ok " he said and nodded. Oh yes I have wanted it to come here. He smiled " good " he got of the car and walked over my side so I can get out of the car what a gentlemen I thought. I got out and we started to walk toward the ticket booth we. Got 2 bracelets which means we can go in any ride we want. girls were staring at us screaming and taking pictures and paparazzi was taking pictures everywhere . As we were walking there he grab my hand and our fingers intertwine I look at him and smiled.

Then Harry said and looked at Me hope you enjoyed some of the rides Audi giggles and said yes I did he looked back at me and grabbed my hand and then I said there's a lot of people looking at us and following us I looked at him concerned " it's not bothering me " and then I said and looked at him were gonna be all over twitter then Harry said you will get use to it he winked at me ��. So we're should we go first he ask me. I said i have no idea then Harry said why not go to the fairs wheel. I said ok so lets go so we ran to the ride we Got on and when we were at the top we hold hands and enjoy the view when the ride was over we went to the high tower I turned around and said Harry I'm scared of this ride I don't want to go then Harry said dont worry babe ill protect you he hold my hand during the ride when the ride went up. I screamed but then Harry gave me his hand and the ride was less scary once the ride was over we went to a game where you play basketball and you win a teddy bear Harry won and gave me a huge teddy bear we went to another game and he won me so rose then we went to other rides.

Once the night was over he brought me to a restaurant in the middle of the ocean then we got there and we go inside and Harry said styles 2 and then the guy said oh yes mr styles follow me we follow the guy and he brought us to our table it was beautiful there was candles there and music was playing this felt like a dream but it wade my it was real life. We sat down and they served us wine it was ravens wood my favorite type of wine. Then we start talking and he said that he couldn't get me of his mind and I said yeah same with you so we keep talking and we got to know each other more and I told him about my life and he came up to me and hugged me it made me feel so much better then he told me his story of how he started becoming famously from the X factor then got put in a band which is one direction etc.then they brought us our food which is lasagna best food ever. When we finish we left the boat and got into the car when we got to my apartment Harry brought me to my door we exchanged numbers then he kiss me and then we said goodbye and then he left I open the door and throw myself in the bed and said wow this was the best night ever I said goodnight to my sister rand went to sleep.

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