Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


12. Surprise party

Charlotte P.O.V

 The doctor call me and went to his office and he tell me that he have the result for my exam. The he opened and he read it in his mind and then he tell me that was a good thing and that it would change my life I was like what is it I'm pregnant and he said yes you are you are going to be a mother. I was so happy and tell my sister that I was pregnant and she happy too and what are you going to do now you have tell Harry. I thought about what she said umm I don't know I keep thinking until I got the answer ill tell him for his birthday.

                                                                                Conversation with sis and bros


Me~ so what are we going to do for Harry's birthday?

Guys and Sis~ I don't know ?

Me~ wow guys you're a big help

Guys and Sis~ haha no but really we don't know

Niall~ lets make his party all orange

Me, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Carly~ UM just it because its his favorite color does not mean the party should be Ni

Niall~ oh ok

Me~ we should invite some fans to come like maybe hold a contest and pick 3 lucky winners.

Guys~ good idea and lets have the party in the house we have a huge pool and people can have fun we can get drinks and a DJ decorate the place a little and we are set.

Me~ ok then is settled.

                                                                                End of conversation


Harry P.O.V

Carly call me and told me to meet her at a café restaurant thought there was a surprise party so I went there and I saw her sitting in a booth I went to her and we started to talk she just ask me to buy girly things for her and Charlotte wow I guess everyone forgot about my birthday (forever alone) my friends my family and even my girlfriend I went to the store and bought the girly things it was wired for me because everyone was staring at me I felt girly. I paid for the things and I left the store I still felt eyes on me awkward. I drove back home I knocked on the door and no one was there I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door I turn on the lights and SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


I dropped the bag and the things feel out everyone was staring at me Its not mine I swear I said

Wait you remembered my birthday I said

Louis~ bro how are going to forget your birthday I think we should now what were you planning on doing with tampons and pads.

Me~ um ah oh um

Carly~ Oh sorry that's mine nothing happened forget this ever happened

she grabbed the bags and ran to the bathroom.

All my friends were here ED sherrean, Justin BIEBER , Katy Perry , and Demi lovato and of course the guys and my family I was so happy then I saw Charlotte standing at the door smiling

Baby I said and ran up to her and hugged her I spinned her around and then kissed her. I put her down and the party began we were dancing, drinking, talking , swimming ,singinging , making out, etc best party ever . It was time for the cake I couldent really see it because it was a surprise soo we did a count down 123 SURPISE haha lol it was a cat cake of course Louis bought it it was a 3 floor cake all about cats I loved it we were all eating the cake it was good it was half vanilla and half chocolate. then it came time for the presents they had a special chair for me to sit in and then they put a crown in my head I felt like a king my first present was from Niall he got me a gold watch and I loved it I decided to wear it it went with my clothes next up was katy perry she got me a guitar used by the beattles themselft I loved it a lot I don't know how she got it. next was liam and zayn they got me golf cart haha I liked it now I can drive around the mansion then was demi and Justin they got me a CD of a song the recorded just for me I felt special lol. ed got me a doll of me that was crappy but funny the rest of my family got me clothes finally it was charlottes present she gave me an envelope I put a comfused face but I opened it and started to read it were my eyes reading the right thing I looked at charlotte and she nodded smiling I jumped out of my seat and started to kiss her and spin her around and the yelled WERE PREGNANT IM GONNA BE A FATHER . I put her down and whispered in her ear this is the best present ever. Charlotte showed me the ultrasound and I started to show all my guest and everyone congratulated me I was so happy nothing can ruin this.



Charlotte P.O.V

Then when the party finish I  went to the room to go to sleep. Then Harry comes into the room and picks your legs up to lay them across his lap as he sits down. “What are you doing?” He says looking up at you as he rubs your stomach. You smile over at him as he looks at your belly. “Just watching tv.” You say to him with a smile. Harry smiles at you and then draws his attention back to your huge stomach. He quietly starts to hum as he slides near the inner couch to place his head next to your belly. He rubs it lightly as he starts to watch the show, still humming. All of a sudden you feel a strong kick coming from your stomach. You gasp as you look down at Harry with your eyes wide. Harry quickly snaps his head up worried. “What! What happened!” He asked you concerned as his eyes flashed back and forth from your face and your stomach. You start to smile as you feel another one. ” I think Darcy liked your humming.” You say to him with a smile as you take his hand and place in the area that you had felt the kick. Confused, Harry lets you move his hand and places his head near your belly again. When you feel another kick, your eyes shot to Harry to see if he also felt it. His eyes light up as he looks up at you. “Our daughter likes me!” He says to you happily as he lays his head on your stomach. “Hey there Darcy! Its me! Your daddy!” Harry says to your belly as he feels another kick. His face is glowing now as you look down at him with a smile. “Do you think she can actually hear me?” Harry asks looking up at you with his hand still on your stomach. You nod your head yes as Harry turns back to your stomach. “I will be the best daddy in the world! I will spoil you, give you anything you want, and I'll even play dress up with you!” Harry says with a smile. You feel another kick and look at Harry’s happy expression. He looked like he was about to cry as he laughs and continues to talk to your belly. “I will always be here for you whenever you need anything baby girl! You and your mommy mean the world to me!” Harry says as he lays his head back down next to your stomach. You feel a slight movement in your stomach as Darcy moves around a little. “I think that’s all for right now daddy.” You say to Harry as he beams up at you. He kisses your stomach. “I love you Darcy.” He says as he smiles up at you. You laugh as you lean down to kiss him. He quickly sifts up to kiss you so that you don’t need to move a lot. “I love you babe.” Harry says to you as he moves closer to your stomach again. “I love you too babe.” You say as you start to watch the TV again. You hear Harry lightly humming to your stomach too as he starts falling a sleep.


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