Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


2. Starting a new life

The orphanage people found me a little apartment with 2 bedrooms one bathroom a small kitchen and a living room the paid the first month rent so that means I need to find a job. I was looking through the newspaper and I found help wanted sign for a restaurant and a store at the mall called Hollister.

Then three days pass and they called me to tell me I got the job at Hollister as in inside model for the store. I accepted the offer and they told me that a guy is gonna start training me on Monday. Now that I have the job and the apartment I went to the orphanage and told them that now that I got the job and my apartment I can take my sister and be her guardian.So I took my sister to the apartment and she started to unpack now is official I have now started my new life. I started my training on Monday they teach me how to be an in store model and how to treat the costumes I was fast learner so it was no trouble for me.

The next day was my day off so I took my little sister to a high school so she can finish school we apply to the closet high school that was near our apartment. They told us she started 10 grade cuz she was 16 she will start next week I apply for child support and they helped us buy all her school supplies.It was my first day at work I was nervous to start it got into the clothes I was going to model in and went to my Stan were I had to model.

Then the next week I got my check so I went to the mattress store and bought a bed. So me and my sister wouldn't sleep on the floor any more. The next day I went to work hours have past a s group of boys came in playing with a football and then I told them so stop but they didn't the football hit me in the head and I fell I felt 2 strong arms catch me so I look up and saw those amazing green eyes and those thick pink lips and that curly hair I can't believe this was it really ?? Authors note Hey guys so what do you think of the story so far I hope you like it your gonna have to wait and see who is the mystery guy until the next chapter.

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