Angels can fly

This story is about A girl name Charlotte who live in an orphanage and she has a little sister name Carly. Her parent left them when they were just little kids. In this story you will learn her life how she started in the orphanage and when she turned 18 her life changed. Both Charlotte and her sister left the orphanage and started a new life. Charlotte found the love of her life that is Harry Styles.


8. Find my dad

Charlotte P.O.V 

Carly said "I want to see my dad".                                                                                                                   I turned around and gave her a look

Charlotte~no girl , dad left us in orphanage instead of taking care of us I don't ever want to see that man ever again.

Carly~ look Charlotte I understand he left us but he is the only family we have and I really miss him. We haven't seen him for long time , have you ever thought that he might feel guilty like give him a second chance at least to explain .He did go to rehab for us to get better remember.

 Charlotte~ yeah I remember, but remember he never came back for us , so there's nothing to forgive him so  you can go ahead and find him but never bring him here I don't want to see him EVER AGAIN.

Carly~Fine I'm leaving I'm going to go find my dad even if it takes all day

Charlotte~  FINE go ahead the door is wide open no one is stopping you just come back at 8 if you do find him good luck SIS.    Then Carly walk out the door

Carly P.O.V

After I saw my sister and tell her that I want to see my dad.

Charlotte~  FINE go ahead the door is wide open no one is stopping you just come back at 8 if you do find him good luck SIS. 

After that I walk out the door.Then I was thinking (Where should I look for my dad) Then I remember that he used to take  me and Charlotte to have fun at the park. When I got to the park I saw a old lady and walk up to her.


Carly ~ Hi ma'am

Old lady ~ please don't kill me I'm to old to die!!!! she was scared and started to cry

Carly ~ What you talking about ? I'm not going to kill you

Old lady ~ oh ok what did you want ?

Carly ~ do you know a guy name Adam Jenner?

Old lady ~ no 

(End of conversation )

Then I walk away. I walk to another guy and ask him if

(Conversation with Dad?)

Carly~  Hello man do you know any guy name Adam Jenner?

Man~That's me . By the way who are you?

Carly~don't you remember me".        

He shock his head and said 

Dad~No I don't

Carly~I'm your Daughter Carly.   He was surprise and then he hug me

Dad~ I miss you , you're a beautiful young lady, so tall and thin............. And where is Charlotte?

Carly~Ummm well she is at home.....and she doesn't want to see you


Carly~ Well said that she would never forgive you because you left us in the orphanage and never came back to pick us up. The last time we saw you at the  orphanage was to tell us that you were in rehab.

Dad~I'm sorry for not pick you girls up because I wanted to change my life

Carly~Well at least you could of pick us up and be part of your life . Me and Charlotte are not strangers, WE ARE YOUR DAUGHTERS , we have the same blood

Dad~ Well I wanted to started a new life without my daughters.....


Dad~NO that's not true, I do love you girls , I just wanted to get money first ,to started with my  2 daughters.

 Then a girl out of nowhere came running to us. She was around 8 years old.

Girl~ DAD, dad come on lets go play.  

                                                         Then she looked at me                                                        

 Girl~dad who is that girl?

Dad~ This is Carly she is one of your sister

Girl and Carly~ SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carly~ When did you get married again? WOW you already forgot about mom

Dad~Yes, I'm married and I would never forget her , I just needed to move on.

Girl~Hi girl that your now my sister, my name is Sunny, what is your name?

Carly~ Hi Sunny, my name is Carly .  

After I said that she came up to me and hug me.Then I notice Danielle coming out of a black limo.Then she stared walking towards us

Dani~ Hey Carly, what are you doing here? She gave me a hug

Carly~Hi Dani , and I'm here talking to me dad that I haven't seen him since I was 8 years old

Dani~Who is your Father?

Carly~The man standing behind me

Dani~FOREAL, that's my step-dad

Carly~FOREAL , that's my dad my Real dad 

Sunny~Daddy, when we get home you have some explanation to do about

Dad~Okay , Carly would you like to join us for lunch? And I would explain you more about what happen in my life                                                                                                                         I checked my phone 2 see what time is was and it was 1:25 , so I have enough time

Carly~Sure, I would join you guys for lunch

We all got inside the limo and drove to my dad house.After 15 minutes we finally go to his house. When I got out of the limo I was looking everywhere. I saw HUGE mansion, with flowers everywhere and  fountain in front of the mansion.Then we started to walk inside the mansion and in the middle of the 2 stairs there was a statue. 

Carly~ Dad since when are you rich, last time you barely had enough money pay the rent and buy us food

Dad~Well I married Danielle mom and she kinda rich , then I found a job which a lot of money ...And here I am with a lot of money

                    Carly~ Oh okay                                                                                                                                    then my phone started to ring  RING...RING..RING..

Carly~Hello , who is this?

??~Hi this is from the hospital, are you Carly Jenner ?

Carly~Yes, why?

Nurse~I'm one of the nurse form the hospital you sister Charlotte got into a car accident , now she is in coma, only god knows if she would live                                                                                       I started to cry , I can not believe my own sister might die 

Dad~Carly , what is happening,  why are you crying?,

Carly~Charlotte.... IS...IN.....the.... Hospital...and ....she COMA

Dad~Oh My God ,lets go to the Hospital and now ". In the car I decide to call Harry to tell him some bad news about his girlfriend 


(Phone conversation)

Harry~ HI Carly, how are you  

Carly~Hi...Harry...I'm not good....something terrible.....Happen to Charlotte

Harry~ WHAT? what happen to CHARLOTTE????

Carly~Charlotte in... a car accident... and now she.... is in... coma

Harry~IS Charlotte.. going to.... DIE????????



NOTE: Is Charlotte going to forgive her dad?? Do you think that Charlotte is going to die???  I wonder what  would happen next 


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