I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


6. New years Eve party

(Hanna Po)

After Harry left us in Max house.Max wasn' t . So me and Debbie were just sitting on the couch watching a black TV so we decide to started to watching a scary movie. We decide to watch The Exorcist. So while Debbie put the movie in the DVD player I went to the kitchen and made some popcorn .   When the popcorn was done I went back to the living room and turn of the light and the movie started.Debbie and I were very scared each time we would scream and hid under the blanket. While I was under the blanket, I started to think that I needed to be in Harry arms to feel safe and less scared. The movie   was going to a scary part. When Debbie paused the movie and we both heard  in the house a voice say "Where are you , I'm going to find you". After we heard that Debbie and I hid under the blanket, we were past scared. Then out of no where one hand landed on my shoulder and another in Debbie.

Debbie and I ~ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . We both scream, then we heard laughing.

Max~Why did you girls scream for ? He said while still laughing 

Debbie~Well we were watching The Evorcist                                                              Hanna~And we were scared then you came and scared us even more                 Debbie~That's why we Screamed                                                                        Max~Oh, hahaha you should of seen your faces it was funny. Then he try to make the faces Debbie and I did. That we all started to laugh and all headed to the bedroom to sleep because it  was 1:11 am and later today is  the party.

I woke up around 10:30 pm. I went downstairs to see Debbie cooking breakfast.After laughing, talking and eating our breakfast. It was already 11:20 and Max was not awake yet so we decide to wake him up.We went up stairs with a bucket of Ice , Then I open his door and tip toe to his bed. Debbie was going to throw the Ice at his face while I jump on his bed.              Debbie~1                                                                                                           Me~2                                                                                                                      We both said~3 and Debbie throw the ice in his face then started to jump on his bed and he woke up really fast.                                                                            Max~What was that for?                                                                            Debbie~Well, we both thought it was a fun and easy way to you wake you up so we did.                                                                                                                                    Max~OMG you girl are just weird but funny

5:30 pm

We all started to get ready .  I was wearing a dress with flowers that traced around the edge the midnight blue of my dress and went down ,  still it touched my knees. It had a black bow which held the dress together.Also the black bow was made out of silk which was in a tight knot. the dress that I was wearing was so breath-taking it was like I was the only one standing in the room. Debbie was wearing a similar dress but it was in the color purple.

(At the party)

As we 3 were walking to Harry house which was the house next to Max.As we were getting closer to the door.Louis open the door and said

Louis~Hanna MONTANA your finally here Harry does not shut up talking about you.He said while hugging me                                                                        Louis~And Debz , Niall keep on talking about you I think are little leprechaun is falling in L.O.V.E                                                        

So we all went inside and I say Harry in the kitchen mixing the drinks. I went behind him and he got scared that he threw the bottle up.

Harry~Girl, why did you scared me for. You could just come up to me and say Hi or something . I just broke a bottle of wine.

Hanna~Dude, I'm sorry........... By the way Happy New years eve. And I would help you clean it up.

Harry~Okay then clean it up fast so we can start the PARTY". Then I went to clean up the broken glass and throw it away.                                                 Hanna~Happy I clean it up , now can I get a hug                                                        Harry~sure why not".

While they were hugging a love song came and Harry lean down and Kiss me on the lips.When we came apart from the kiss he look up to my eyes and said 

Harry~I really like , wait I don't like you I LOVE you so much.                           Hanna~I love you too Harry                                                                                                   Harry~ Hanna Lee would you like to be my girlfriend?                                     Hanna~YES YES YES, Harry I would love to be your girlfriend , I was waiting for you to ask me that. He then smile at me a kiss me again this time with passion and for a long time                                                                          

                                Hanna~I Love you                                                                                                

Harry~I Love you babe     

(Niall Pov) 

As I was walking around Harry house I saw Debz talking to Louis. So I went up to Debz and said                                                                                               Niall~ Hi Debz . I said while hugging her                                                             Debz~ Hi Ni Ni do you want dance?  They both go on the dance floor.     Debz~Niall I dont know how to dance                                                                 Niall~I would show you            After a hour Debz already knew how to dance.

Then me and Harry did Karaoke and started singing  "Scream&Shout by Brittney Spears and Will.I.AM

Harry~ YOU ARE NOW NOW ROCKING WITH HARRY STYLES             NIALL~AND NIALL BITCH                                                                                  Harry and Niall~ Oh yea Oh yea oh yea bring the action

11:59 pm

Everyone started to count down 











 Everyone started to kiss someone Harry Kiss Hanna and I kiss Debz . Then everyone started to say "HAPPY NEW YEARS".Then while we were drinking I ask Debz

Niall~Debz I really Love you would you be my girlfriend?

Then Debz started to cry and turn red and did not know what to say

Hanna~ Say yes girl , you want Niall

Debz~ I would Love to your girlfriend Niall . Then we hug and kiss .

(in my mind)

What a great way to started the New years  













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