I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


5. Meeting Harry Friends

(Harry pov )

3 days later

I decide to call Hanna and ask her if she and Debz could go to the mall so that they band mates.

*phone conversation*


Hanna~ Hey Harry what's up

Harry~Hey Hanna and the sky is up. So I was wondering if you and Debz could come with me to the  Mall to meet some of my friends

Hanna~ Sure it would fun

Harry~ ok I would pick you up in a hour bye babe

Hanna~ok bye Harry

*End of phone conversation*

(Hanna Pov)

After I hung the phone i scream to Debbie


Debbie~ OKAY, what to do you want?

ME~ well ,Harry call me and ask me if you and I could go to the Mall to meet some friends

Debbie~ Okay . Me and her ran upstairs and got ready after 45 minutes we were ready 

Knock..Knock  Harry was knocking on the door

Harry ~ Hi Hanna and Hi Debz. he said while hugging both of us

  Hanna and Debz~Hey, Harry

  Harry~ so, are you girls ready to go to the mall

Debz~ Yep we are   

We walked out side into his limo and open the door for us .After 15 minutes in the limo talking about random things we finally got to the mall.As soon as Harry got out the limo someone ran to him  

Louis~ oh Hazza i miss you so much.He said while hugging Harry

Harry~umm Louis I just saw you this morning    

Louis~That is long for me.He said while fake crying.  

Harry~So, Louis this are my 2 best friends when I was 5 her name is Hanna (Harry said while pointing to me and this is Debbie ( while pointing to her).

Louis~Hi Hanna and Debbie I'm Louis.He came to us and hung both of us    

Hanna~ Hi Louis nice to meet you  

Debbie~ Hi Louis   

Harry~ Louis by the way you can call Debbie "Debz" and Hanna   

Louis~ HANNA MONTANA he said while Laughing   

Hanna~ Can you please not call me that in public   

Louis~ Well we are not in public so HANNA MONTANA AND DEBZ we are now Best friends.

Debz and started to  laugh , oh this boy is weird but very funny. Finally we got inside the mall and headed to the food court that's where we meet 3 other of Harry friends.  

Liam~ Hello Harry and hi I'm Liam  

Zayn~ I'm Zayn  

Hanna and Debz~ Hi Liam and Zayn  

Hanna~ my name is Hanna  

Louis~ Hanna MONTANA  

Debbie~ M name is Debbie but you can call me...   

Louis ~ DEBZ   Then me and Debz both gave a hug to Liam and Zayn  

Harry~ Liam where is Niall?  

Liam~ He is over there.He said while pointing to a table full of food and a boy with blond hair just seating there eating the food.Then we walk to that table.  

Niall~ Harry, are those the girl that your met when you were 5 in the water park? He said it while his mouth was full of food  

Harry~ Yes, they are  

Niall~Hi I'm Niall  

Louis~ She is Hanna MONTANA and she is DEBZ. I know them for a long time .  

DEBZ~ Yes, Louis and by a long time you mean 10 minutes ago. We all started to laugh.   


Then Niall got up from his seat and walk up to us to give us a hug but before he did he ask   Niall~ Do I get a hug? I don't bite  

Hanna~ Yeah, because the first thing I think  when I met somebody is "Holy Shit, this person is going to bite me." After I said that every body started to laugh.

Later on

We all started going to stores if we did not buy anything we would try on random clothes and take pics.Like when the boys were in a girl store they would  try on girls clothes.It was really funny.Around 8:30 pm we all left the mall.Me and Debz got every of the boys number and I'm starting to think that Debz likes Niall .In the car we decide to text someone I texted Harry

(Text conversation)

Me~ Hey, Harry today was fun 

Harry~ I know and can I confess something


Harry~Your smile is the prettiest smile I have ever seen.

Hanna~aww can I confess as well?

Harry~ sure   

Hanna~This smile only exists when I'm with you... Then Harry look at me and smile.Then he started kissing me on the lips.Wow he kiss amazing  

(Debbie Pov)

After a fun day in the mall.I started to fall in love with Niall . After I got inside the limo my phone vibrated it was from Niall

(Text conversation) Niall~ Hey Debz , it was fun hanging out with you and can I tell you somthing?

Debbie~Sure Niall~You're the most beautiful girl I ever seen <3

Debbie~aww , I know lol and you are the most hottest guy I ever seen

Niall~I know I'm hot lol, bye good night love see you tomorrow in the New years party bye babe 

Debbie~lol okay good night and see you tomorrow 

(End of text conversation)      

WOw does Harry like Hanna and She like him back? Are Harry and Hanna going to kiss again in the New years party.Are Niall and Debbie going to kiss in the party?







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