I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


7. Letter

(Hanna Pov)

It has been 2 weeks since me and Harry have been dating. I never felt so happy.Harry might be the  person that is going to make me feel happy when I'm sad and the person that would love me as much as my parents did. I hope he does he is so sweet, funny and much more. I Love Harry a lot. Today he brought me flowers, chocolate , a necklace that in a shape of a heart, and he gave me a letter: 

Dear Hanna,

I used tow wonder why I can't seem to find the right person. I even asked God why he would't allow me to commit myself to anyone. God wanted me to wait for you. I LOVE YOU Hanna for so many reasons Big and small. All of them are wonderful. I Love you for all the special qualities, that make you one of a kind . The only on in the world for me. I love you for the things you do that bring such special meaning to my life .I Love you for the silent times when your eyes and arms tell all I want to know . I LOVE YOU just because I  do because now in the deepest part of my Heart.. a place where there was nothing before Now there is Love your love.Hanna everyday I would tell you that I love you because it's true I would love you today, tomorrow .and forever. I can't wait to marry you, to have kids with you , to grow old with you and to die in each other arms.

Lives are for living , I live for you. Dreams are for dreaming I dream for you, Hearts are for beating, mine beats for you, Angles are for keeping can I keep you? I Love you with all my heart

Sincerely, Harry

After I read the letter I ran up to Harry and Kiss him. I started to cry happy tears , that letter was full of love he really does  love me 

Harry~ Babe , I Love you Now and Always 

Me~ Harry, I love the letter you wrote me it was so.. just wow.. amazing 

Harry~ Just like you are amazing, Now you are part of heart , I truly love you.   Those were the last words I heard Harry said before I close my eyes and fall asleep on Harry chest.


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