I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


8. Kitchen Food fight

*Hanna Pov*

Today I was just lying down in the couch watching some random movie. It was 9:30am Debbie and Max were both sleeping and I was just laying down on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants. Next thing you know I felt 2 body sit on me and of course it was Debbie and Max they always do that. After 5 minutes of them both sitting on me , we decided to go to the kitchen and make breakfast. The 3 of us were looking everywhere in the kitchen for food and notice that last night Niall went to the kitchen and eat all the food. Like nobody wanted to go to the store we decide to go to Harry house which was next door. We all walk outside in pj's and run to Harry's house fast because it was freezing cold. When we got to his door, instead of knocking which is what normal people do. I decide to take the hidden key that he hides under the carpet and open the door.When we got inside the house Max, Debbie and I all went straight to the kitchen because we were starving.Max started to making pancakes while Debz and I got some more things to eat.While I was going eating my pancakes and walking to sit down I tripped and some pancake fell on top of Debz face and some on Max head. After seeing where the pancakes had landed I started to laugh and felt flour on my head. Next thing you know we where throwing food at each other. When I was going to throw a piece of beacon to Max he ducked and it hit Harry face.

*Harry Pov*

I was in bed just sleeping.I woke up and looked at my clock it was already 10:05 am. I got up, put on some clothes, then when I open my bedroom door I heard laughing coming down from down stairs. In my mind I thought that the boys, Debz, my babe Hanna and Max. So I went down stairs and followed the sound of where the laughing was coming from. It was coming from the kitchen, as I went inside my kitchen I felt a piece of beacon on my face. When I got the piece of beacon out of my face I saw Hanna, Max and Debbie laughing. The 3 of them are in their pj's, and they had food all around the kitchen.When they finally calm down Hanna got up and headed my way. "Hey babe"Hanna said then kiss me on the lips. While we were kissing, I open my eyes and saw that Debbie and Max got some food in their hands and Max handed me a cup of Ice. Max and Debbie started to count quietly "1 2 3" and we all threw the food on Hanna. Her face was so funny all of us started to laugh.Then we all continue with their Food fight that after 2 minutes the boys came into the kitchen and we threw random food at them. They joined are game except for Niall who was eating the food that landed on the table.

*Hanna Pov*

After a 4 hours  of throwing food at each other and laughing we all got tired. We all took a shower and changed into clean clothes that everyone keeps at Harry house.Then we all took a seat at the couch and started watching a random movie. The movie finished at around 6:30 pm and the boys had to leave , we hug them and they left. Max, Debbie and I help Harry clean up the mess that we all made this morning."Wait, why did you girls..and guy came to my house this morning?" Harry said. Debbie said "Well we had no food at all in Max house so.." "So we all thought why not go to Harry house and get some food from his house"I said. "And we did"Max said."Okay" Harry said. We finish clean the kitchen at around 8:55 pm. Debbie, Max and I where so tired that we stayed for the night at Harry's. When I get in the bed I snuggle up with Harry and I said "Harry you aren't mad at us right?" ." Of course not babe no matter if you make a mess in my kitchen I would never be mad at you I would just love you more for being so crazy" Harry said ."Aww and thanks for not being mad at us... so now I have to be more crazy for you to love me more" I said "No matter if your crazy or not I would always Love you" He said. "I Love you too goodnight Harry" I said "goodnight babe and sweet dreams" He kiss me and then I feel asleep. Another day of being Funny and full of laughing.







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