I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


3. Came with me 2 London


(Hanna Pov)   *Now*   Right now I'm lying down in a hotel room. Just thinking  my parenst die just a few weeks ago and now I have a mansion , 10 cars , a hotel that now I own it , 5 airplanes, and my parents left me more than  100,000,000 dollars .*What I'm I going to do with all this things that now belong to me only me. I know what to do I would sell 3 of the airplane and put all that money in my bank account. Now what should I do with 10 cars keep or sell. I don't I would decide later.But I'm going to keep the mansion and own a hotel is awesome plus I could get free room when ever I want this is awesome.  *knock knock*  Hanna~"Come in" Debbie~"Hi Hanna come on let's go out and have some fun you can't just stay all day in bed on a Christmas Day"  (Debbie has been my best friend since I was 2 and look at us now still we are Best Friends Forever . Just like my parents told me when I was little "Debbie might be a friend that comes and go but we know that she is a friend that is going to stay".And she did my parents were right,they Love Debbie like when we were 5 my parents and hers went to London for the summer and Debbie usually travels with us.) Hanna~"Wait, it's Christmas ?" Debbie~Nooo it's Halloween ,duhh of course is Christmas there would not be a big Christmas tree in New York on Halloween. Hanna~oh okay and by the way Can you come with me to London?? Debbie~why do you want to go to London for? Hanna~My parents told me if they die that on the first Christmas to go to London and stay with my cousin Max.They also told me to bring you with me so... please come to London with me please I would give anything that you want.  Debbie~okay, so i can get Anything that I want?? Hanna~yes anything,just come with me 2 London plz Debbie~k Fine I would go with you 2 London and you have to give me one of your 10 cars and I also have to own the Hotel.  Hanna~ Okay I would give you one of the 10 cars and we could both own the hotel, Now lets go to London and have a blast."i said while getting up from the bed and heading to the door  Debbie~wait aren't you going to change your clothes? Hanna~ Yes I am and I would change in the Airplane  is going to be only us 2 . Debbie ~ us 2 ???  Hanna~ yeah we are going on my private air plane duhh Debbie~ ohhhh I knew that .  Hanna ~ sure you did ,now let's go outside its snowing We both ran outside into the limo and they headed to the air port .25 minutes later we were getting inside a airplane. I was getting a bit scared because since the accident of parents airplanes kind of scared me now.  As the airplane lifted up from the ground into the air, I feel asleep.........           Note' sorry i could't put this chapter on Christmas day .i was bust but i promise to put  1 or more chapter today        
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