I'll never forget those words

Hanna Lee is a 18 year old girl who her parents died right in front of her.She thought that her life was going to get worst.But something she didn't know was that someone special would come to her life and make her happy when she is sad and love her as much as her parents loved her..........................That special someone is Harry Styles


4. 13years since I last saw you


8 hours later)

 I woke up from something cold splashing my face  

Hanna~OMG Debbie why did you splash me with cold water?

  Hanna~ would't a you just say "Hanna wake up we are almost landing in London"  

Debbie~Noooo its more fun to throw cold water to at your  face   

Hanna~wow what a nice friend I have.By the way have you called Max to come pick us up at the airport?

  Debbie~Noooo I forgot

    Hanna~okay I would called him

*Phone conversation*


Max~Hello, who is this and what do you want"  

Hanna~Hi and what a nice way to talk to your cousin that her parents died in her arms just a few's ago"

  Max~Sorry, Hanna I did not know it was you, Merry Christmas and is it snowing in New York"  

Hanna~Merry Christmas to you and I don't know if its snowing in New York I'm In London with Debbie we just got out of the plane....

  Max~Wait do u want me to pick you girls up?

  Hanna~Nooooo, I  just called you to tell you that I wanted a Hamburger.... OF course I called you to pick you us up.  

Max~Don't get all sarcastic on me and I would be there in 10 minutes  

Hanna~OKAY bye see you then

  *End of Phone conversation*  

Hanna~Debbie he would pick us in 10 minutes and stop staring at that dude.

Debbie~I'm not staring at that dude, he just looks so familiar ,don't you think?  

Hanna~Yes, he does I think we met him before he looks like that dude we met when we were 5 and came to London for that whole summer  

Debbie~OH yep, I remember him, he had some brown curls and those green sparkly eyes, maybe is him

  Hanna~If it is him he is Hot  

Debbie~yeah he is   10 minutes later  

        WE both saw Max run to us and gave us a hug

  Max~hi Hanna and Debbie i miss you girls"

Debbie and Hanna~ we miss you 2 

Max put all of our suitcase in his car and we drove to his house  

Max~so like you girls haven't been to my new house we are and I'm going to show you around the house and then we all are going to a have Christmas dinner at my friends house okay?  

Hanna and Debbie~okay  

At his house

  Debbie~since when did you become rich?  

Max house was huge it sort of remind me of a house my dad bought in London 10 years ago but after i turn 9 i never came back to visited it i wonder why  

Max~I never become rich is just my uncle left me this house a few months ago   

Hanna~no wonder I recognized this house 

  Max~Yep and you are going to sleep in the room that you used to stay when you were in this house

  Hanna~ awesome

    Max~Now girls get all dressed up nice because in 20 minutes we are going next door

     Debbie and I both went to a bathroom and changed into some Christmas clothes Debbie had a green dress on that stooped before it got to her knees and some silver high heels. she was trying to be a elf.   

While I wore a short red dress, it had a black belt around my stomach, in the end it had white.Then I had white high heel boots that stopped at the bottom of my knees and of course i had my red Santa hat on   Debbie and I walked down the stairs to fine Max all dress up ,ready for the dinner  

Max~ Finally, you girls take to long and you both look beautiful

  Debbie and Hanna~Thanks, you look handsome 

  Max~well I try my best  

The 3 of us just laughed We got out of the house and headed to his friends house which was next door and also huge.As we were heading close to the door we saw a guy that look like the dude that Debbie and I saw in the airport.  

Hanna~ Debbie is that guy that we saw at the airport and said that he was hot"i whispered into her ear   

Debbie~ yea, i think so we should go talk to him  

(Harry Pov)  It was Christmas day and I was at my mom house.She was having a party and my family was there and some of my friends were there 2.I went outside just to get some fresh air.I sat down in the front porch.I started to look at my phone pictures.Then I notice a picture, it was of me and 2 other girls we were 5 years old in the picture.We were all running around, splashing each other with the pool water.At the bottom of the picture it said Hanna,Harry and Debbie Friends Forever.But it wasn't true i haven't see them since that day.I miss them.  

Max~hey,Harry how you been   I saw Max walk up to me with 2 other girls behind him  

Harry~I been good and who are those beautiful girls behind you?  

Max~ Well one if my cousin and the other girl is my cousin best friend.

  Harry~ oh okay.  HI  my name is Harry Styles.I said to both of the girls while i hug each one of them 

  Hanna~ Hi Harry  I'm Hanna  

Debbie~ Hi Harry my name is Debbie      

I was shocked they both have the same name as the girls in the picture.Were they my best friend when i was 5?  

Harry~ Wait are you girls the girls in this picture .I said while i showed them the picture on my phone  

Hanna~ OMG that's us when we were 5  

Debbie~Yes it is, it was the best summer 

  Harry~ I miss you girl so much I said while hugging them

  Debbie and Hanna~ We miss you 2 Hazza All  3 of us were now hugging each other  

Harry~ I miss you Hanna Montana and you Debz  

Hanna~Don't ever call me that in public

  Harry~ Fine, but like we are not in public I can call you HANNA MONTANA .We all started to laugh  

WE all walked inside my mom house and we started talking about our life's  

Hanna~Well my life has change a lot because  just a few weeks ago my parents die in my arms after we jump of a on fire plane. she while tears drop down her face .

  Then I stand up and went to hug Hanna and said "I feel so sorry that your parents died in your arms, but don't cry Hanna Montana "  

Hanna~ Thanks Harry,I would promise not to cry anymore, so now tell me and Debz about your life.

  Harry~ I audition for the XFactor and I got in, then I got into a group with 4 other boys which are now my brothers their names are Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. Our band name is One Direction you probably hear of it,plus we are very Famous.  

Hanna and Debbie~ Yeah we hear of that band  

Harry~ Cool and finally I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT"  

Debbie~ oh Harry you never change" 

Hanna and Debz were both laughing 

  Harry~You know it's true, you know that you girls want some of Harry Gravy"

  Debbie and Hanna~ OH Harry, we do not want some of Harry gravy"

  Then my mom, Anne walked up to us Anne~Hey Harry, and who are those girls  

Harry~ MOM, do you remember when I was 5 years old and we went to the Water park and I become friend with Hanna and Debbie  

Anne~ OMG I just remember it and Hanna I used to watch your show Hannah Montana every single day .

   Then Hanna started to laugh.I love her laugh   Hanna~Your so funny Anne  

(Anne POV) After Hanna finish laughing.All 4 of us were talking about how Harry,Hanna and Debbie met in the pool. I notice that Harry was looking at Hanna in a different way.   (In my mind) Is Harry, falling in Love with Hanna ??????????                              




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