Maybe He Loves Me, Or Maybe Not

Emily Hills has been living with an abuse father. Her mom died when she was 15 years old and 3 years later she has to deal with her dad. All that keeps her going is one band and in that band one person, Niall Horan and when she meets him, nothing is ever the same again.


8. Chapter 7

A/N just a small note if it doesn't have a *name* POV than it will always be Emily's ok! :) enjoy


"Sorry I think you have the wrong girl." I briskly said. I didn't want to start anything with these girls.

"Oh is that right? Well we saw the photos of you and OUR lad." She harshly replied. I suppressed a giggle, they were a little crazy if you ask me.

"So what if I talked to him? I mean I can talk to whomever I want to. it's not like we're having a thing I don't know why you girls are getting offended." I retorted. The girl narrowed her eyes and slowly stepped forward. The other girls followed.

"Look I don't really want to cause a scene here." Sensing they were about to do something that wasn't very "kid-friendly" They laughed at me like I just had said the funniest thing ever. Suddenly the girl in the fron pushed me to the group. I fell on my bum, hard. 

"What are you going to do about it 'mystery girl' what a joke! More like 'loser girl'" She sneered. They were no fans. 

"Just leave me alone. I haven't done anything wrong." I told her. I didn't want this to happen. Please. They laughed at me again, they had no mercy. 

"You're so wrong, you did everything wrong and know you're going to pay for it." One of the other girls said. Without any warning they surrounded me and started kicking every part of skin they saw.

I usually could handle stuff like this because my dad kicked me so hard all the time but six girls kicking you at once..... that's an exception. They were ruthless, not caring that I was fading. 

I didn't yell because no one would come for me. I was alone and hurt. 

"Just know your place." The girl shouted as the group walked away. 

I lay on the ground bleeding and bruised. Everything hurt. I tried to get up and try and get some place where someone would find me but I couldn't do it. I fell back down causing only more pain for me/ It was excruciating, tears were spilling down my face. Everything seemed to be fading away. What sounded like a distance I heard someone.

"Mummy mummy! There's a girl here!!" A little boy shouted. My eyes were closing and I was drifting. I barely saw something lean over me calling for help before I was out.


A/N omfg i have not updated in forever I am soooooo sorry! I've been busy. Also I get really lazy with typing each chapter up because I just don't have the patience for it. The good thing about this typing business break is I have written a lot of chapters. I usually write my chapters at school because it's more comfortable writing there for some reason. Anyways I am now up to Chapter 54 so you guys have quite a bit to learn about because this is going to get fun and twisted and just ugh I love it! I'm happy to announce I will be writing another story after this and I will be telling you guys what it's later on through the story only because it will make more sense than. Actually you can figure it out around Chapter 49ish something like that! No I am not writing a sequel only because this story is SO long I still don't know how or when to end it! Please tell me how I'm doing and what you think of it so far! I will be updating very soon so keep your eyes peeled for it ;) till next time!!!


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