Maybe He Loves Me, Or Maybe Not

Emily Hills has been living with an abuse father. Her mom died when she was 15 years old and 3 years later she has to deal with her dad. All that keeps her going is one band and in that band one person, Niall Horan and when she meets him, nothing is ever the same again.


6. Chapter 5


Niall POV:

Liam and I had been rushed away because it started to get unsafe. Man it was crazy! How do these girls find us so fast? I barely noticed the fans banging at our van window. I was only thinking about that girl. She was different. She didn't scream when I met her. She looked scared and all. But she also had a glint in her eyes. Like she really really wanted to meet me and not in a crazy fan way. She was strange yet so beautiful. The poor girl was pushed to the ground. It was my fault. She talked to me like she talked to me before. But I think I would remember her.

"Niall?" Liam asked, immediately making me snap out of my daydream.

"What?" I answered. He had a slight smirk on his face like he knew what I was thinking.

"Were you thinking about that fit girl back there?" He said, his smirk getting bigger. I turned red making it obvious I was.

"N-no I wasn't. I was just thinking about how we missed our day to hang out. Yeah." I stuttered out. Ok so it was a pathetic attempt but I didn't really have anything to go on. Liam didn't believe one word and just rolled his eyes. We stayed silent for the rest of the ride to Harry's flat. Finally we arrived.

"Harry!" I yelled once we were through the door. I heard a lot of loud noises and assumed the whole lot was here. We always hung out at Harry's flat.

"Niall, Liam, what are you guys doing here?" Harry asked coming through the kitchen door. Zayn and Louis followed. He really should be asking because we all came here on a daily basis. What can I say, Harry can cook!

"We came to hang out obivously." Loa, answered. Harry grinned. He noticed I was still red from the er earlier confrontation from Liam.

"Met a fit girl did ya?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile. The rest of the boys hooted and hollered. I was never going to here the end of this.

"Niall might be fancying someone." Liam announced. I turned and gave him a glare. Did he really have to tell the rest of the boys? They all had amused expressions on their face.

"Well what's her name? Is she nice? Can she pull pranks? Can she take a joke? Does she know how to cook? If so she's approved by me." Louis said. Hahahaha.

"That's the problem, I don't even know her name." I finally answered. I highly doubt I would ever meet her again......


Emily POV:

It was around 6 pm and I was bored out of my mind. Being alone in an empty flat would make you bored as well. I didn't really mind silence, I was actually used to it, but seriously this was a little much. Even I crave some company sometime. I was so bored I wouldn't mind ,y dad being here. Ok maybe I'm being a little crazy now. Finally I grabbed my purse and coat and went out the door.

The weather was great. It wasn't too cold and it wasn't too hot. Perfect. I walked to a local park. It was nearing Christmas and someone had hung up lights. They were beautiful. I sat on a nearby bench and just thought. There is a huge difference between sitting alone in your home and sitting on a bench outside. At least there were people at the park. It was a peaceful scene. People were talking softly and I could here the bugs buzzing. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my purse. It was a notification from twitter.

@NiallOfficial: met someone really special tday. Hope t meet my #mysterygirl again!

Wait what.

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