Maybe He Loves Me, Or Maybe Not

Emily Hills has been living with an abuse father. Her mom died when she was 15 years old and 3 years later she has to deal with her dad. All that keeps her going is one band and in that band one person, Niall Horan and when she meets him, nothing is ever the same again.


4. Chapter 3


Emily POV

 I was just going around a little street when I heard screaming. I jumped up in surprise. I looked over and saw a huge mob of people crowding around someone. I walked over to see a closer look.

“Holy crap.” I whispered when I saw Liam Payne. I prayed that he wasn’t with Liam. Looks like I didn’t pray enough because there he stood. Niall was getting squished and shoved everywhere. I wanted to help him but I couldn’t.  I wasn’t ready to meet him. I tuned to leave but I was met with a people who kept pushing me forward.

I stumbled and cried out but you couldn’t even here me. I hated being stuck in crowds. I felt as someone was choking me inside. I was pushing and shoving but people were only coming closer. I saw an opening in front of me. I made a break for it and got pushed to the ground.

“Uff!” I said. My bum hurt and my head hurt even more. I can’t believe this was happening.

“Are you okay?” A guy asked with an Irish accent. I squinted my to look up at Niall. Well looks like my plan for not meeting him have been cancelled.


Niall POV

I saw a girl get pushed to the ground right in front of us. These people were going nuts! I rushed over to see if she was all right.

 “Are you okay?” I asked her gently. She squinted at my face as if she couldn’t believe who she was seeing.

 “Um yeah I’m fine…” She stuttered. I offered her a hand and she hesitantly grabbed it. I pulled her up into my arms. She locked eyes contact with hers. She had such a pretty brown eyes. Warm and soft. She uncomfortably coughed and stepped away.

 “I should go home…” She muttered. She turned her back to me and started to walking into a little opening in the crowd. I hadn’t realized that security had arrived and was ushering me and Liam away. I didn’t even know her name.    

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