Maybe He Loves Me, Or Maybe Not

Emily Hills has been living with an abuse father. Her mom died when she was 15 years old and 3 years later she has to deal with her dad. All that keeps her going is one band and in that band one person, Niall Horan and when she meets him, nothing is ever the same again.


1. Prologue


I felt the pain right away. The blood rushed to my cheeks leaving a hand mark. I fell to the ground immediately. I looked up to my abuser and he looked angrily back at me. I couldn’t do anything. I raised my arms up protectively over my face but he over took me again.

You are worthless. You will never ever be anything but this. Stupid and a shame to me.

These words hurt you more than he could ever think. Here came the pain again. I tried to brace myself but failed.

You will never be like her.

This struck I down. I knew it was true. I never be like her. He stomped drunkenly away. Leaving you to painfully lay there.

I would never be like my sweet wonderful mother and Father never let me forget.

I dragged myself to my room and lay on my bed. I slid my hand under my mattress and pulled out a photo.

The sweet blond-haired boy who always haunted your dreams. His mesmerizing blue eyes seemed to stare into my soul. He was the only one that kept me going. He didn’t know who I was but I knew him. He was the only reason I stayed in this house. The reason that I put up with my father’s abuse. The day I saw him I knew I needed to get to know him. It sounds so cheesy but he was the only one for me.

“Niall Horan…….” I whispered as I as I put the picture back under my bed. I snuggled into my pillow and tried to ignore my father’s loud snoring.

If only he knew how I felt……   

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