Nobody Compares

Rachel and Harry have been together for a year and they recently moved in together. They also live with Louis and Eleanor. They`re all really close. This is the story of Rachel, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor.and how they met. Constructive critism is welcome. Tell me what you think of it. If you don`t like it feel free to tell me because I`m not sensitive and I won`t take it personally.

xoxoxo Rachel xoxoxo



This chapter is when they were 16 and Rachel`s mom and dad died in a fire.


                                                       THE FIRE




I was walking home from school with Harry one day and we saw smoke.We ignored it and kept on walking.He dropped me off at my house and I walked up to my room.The phone rang so I went and grabbed it. private number.I answered it.





?~Is this Rachel White?




?~Well your parents......They work at Met Life right?




?~There was a fire and they didn`t make it.


Me~are you serious?

?~Yes nobody in the building made it the firemen didn`t get there on time.


I dropped the phone and cried.I cried for an hour straight.I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the razor.i made a big deep cut in my right wrist.Okay this hurts.I grabbed a towel and put it over the cut.I sat in the bathroom like that for ten minutes.i went and put on a long sleeve shirt and went over to Harry`s.He answered the door and smiled at me."What`s wrong?"He asked."My mom and dad died in a fire."I said.After I told him he hugged me and carried me inside.He started to calm me down.It worked after a while.He always knows what to do.

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