Nobody Compares

Rachel and Harry have been together for a year and they recently moved in together. They also live with Louis and Eleanor. They`re all really close. This is the story of Rachel, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor.and how they met. Constructive critism is welcome. Tell me what you think of it. If you don`t like it feel free to tell me because I`m not sensitive and I won`t take it personally.

xoxoxo Rachel xoxoxo



 For this chapter she is three. It is a flashback from when they met.


                                                     MEETING HARRY




"Do you want to go meet our new neighbors?"My mom asked,"Yeah!"I said."Okay let`s go."She said.My name is Rachel. I`m three. People just moved across the street and we`re going to meet them.My mom and I walked across the street and to there house. My mom  rang the doorbell and a lady with brown hair opened the door."Hello!"She said."hi we live across the street and we just wanted to introduce ourselves."my mom said looing at me."Come on in."She said to us. We followed her in and saw a boy with green eyes and brown hair playing with toys. He was about my age."Hi."he said to me shyly."Hi."I said back.I`m not that quiet. I walked over to him."DO you want to be my bestest friend?"I asked.He nodded his head."I`m Rachel."I said."I`m Harry."He said smiling."Do you wanna go play outside in my treehouse?"He asked."Yeah!"I said.I folowed him outside and to the treehouse.We climbed up the ladder.when we got up there we played with his ball for about an hour untill my mom came out and told me we were going.Harry and I hugged and i left.That`s how I met harry.

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