The New Girl In Manchester

Mikayla Edwards just moved from America to Manchester with her dad. What does Mikayla encounter in this new place she calls home? New friends? New enmies? Maybe even the love her life?

*Hey this is my first movella ever so please no hate thanks a bunch :)*


4. You Are A Cinema

Mikayla's P.O.V.

It's been a week since I met Zayn and everyone else. So far Zayn and I are just friends but I'm really hoping that will change. Just one problem I kind of have a crush on Louis. At first it wasn't a problem because he was dating Emma, then they broke up after Louis found out that the bitch was cheating on him. Suprised neither am I. Anyways I like Zayn and I want to go out with him but there's just something about Louis that I like.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Today's the day. The day I'm gonna ask Mikayla to be my girlfriend. It's been a week since we met and I find her absolutley amazing. In the middle of my thoughts my phone went off telling me I got a text. It was from Harry. 

Haz: Hey Zayn me Avery and the lads are goin to the cinema at 7 if you wanna come. Zayn: Hey Haz sure that sounds great but can I bring Mikayla Haz: Sure I don't mind see you later.

I texted Mikayla and asked her if she wanted to go and she said it would be great.

*Few hours later*

I was driving to Mikayla's house to take her to the cinema. I had decided that I was gonna ask her out after the movie. "Ready?" I asked as Mikayla stepped out her house. She nodded with a smile. The drive was full of laughter like usual. We arrived at theater smiling.

"Vas Happening?" I said to Avery and the lads.

"Oh hey Zayn, hi Mikayla" waved Louis.

"Hey" Mikayla waved back. 

"So lets go watch the movie" I said.

*During the movie*

It was about an hour into the movie when I noticed that Louis had switched seats with Avery. In the beginning of the movie I was sitting next to Mikayla, Mikayla next to Avery, Avery next to Harry, Harry next to Louis, Louis next to Niall, and Niall next to Liam. But now Louis was in Avery's seat. I got mad, but I have no idea why. I mean Louis knows that I like Mikayla so he wouldn't try and get with her. Would he? I hope not, I have to ask Mikayla out and I have to do it soon.




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