The New Girl In Manchester

Mikayla Edwards just moved from America to Manchester with her dad. What does Mikayla encounter in this new place she calls home? New friends? New enmies? Maybe even the love her life?

*Hey this is my first movella ever so please no hate thanks a bunch :)*


3. Night at the Carnival

Mikayla's P.O.V.

"Mikayla your phone is ringing" my dad yelled from thel bottom of the stairs. "Ok I got it." I looked at the screen it was an unknown number. Hmmm wonder who it is. "Hello?" "Hey Mikayla it's Zayn." "Oh hey Zayn" I said smiled. Zayn was really nice at lunch today and kind of cute too. "Harry gave me your number and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and lads to the carnival tonight?" "Um I don't know" I said with some hesitation. "Oh don't worry Emma and Avery will be there too" "Then sure I would love to. Just one problem I have no idea where it is" "That's no problem I can pick you up. What's your address?" I told him my address. "Ok see you in about an hour?" he asked. "Yea that's fine" and with that we both hung up.

Zayn would be in here in about 10 mintues and I was still getting ready. For my outfit I decided on some gray shorts, my blue and green striped shirt, and some black TOMS. I put my hair in a mermaid tail and for makeup I put a little mascara and some lip gloss. As I finished putting on my last bit of lip gloss the doorbell rang. I walked down the stairs my dad walked to the door and opened it and there was Zayn. Before my dad could start talking about anything embarrassing I rushed to the door. "Hey Zayn" I said smiling. "Hey you look great" he said leading me to his car. "Thanks" I blushed.

The car ride to the carnival was nothing but quite. We talked and laughed about anything and everything. Once we arrived at the carnival everyone from lunch were standing by the ticket booth. "Vas Happening?" Zayn said making me laugh. "Hey guys" Liam said. I waved to everyone. "So what do we want to do first?" asked Louis. "How bout the merry go round" suggested Niall. "Yeah that sounds fun" I said everyone nodded in agreement. "Then lets go" said Harry grabbing Avery's hand and leading the way. On the way there Zayn grabbed my hand. He didn't say anything just looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back blushing.

Zayn's P.O.V.

While walking towards the merry go round I grabbed Mikayla's hand. I didn't say anything I just look down at her and smiled, she smiled back but she added a blush with it. I really like Mikayla. She's pretty, nice, and funny. I just hope she likes me too. But I'm afraid she might like Louis. We finally reached the merry go round and everyone grabbed an animal. I got the zebra next to Mikayla who was sitting on a horse. She looked really beautiful. I just couldn't help staring and smiling at her.

Harry's P.O.V.

I noticed Zayn grab Mikayla's hand on the way to the merry go round. I also kept seeing him looking at here and smiling. It was really obvious he liked her. The ride was over and everyone got off. "Ok so what's next" asked Liam. "How bout some food" suggested Niall "I'm hungry" "Your always hungry" I pointed out. "Don't judge me" "Well we can still get some food. So you guys can get the drinks and Emma, Mikayla, and I will get the drinks" instructed Avery. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Hey Hazza can I talk to you" asked Zayn while waiting for the girls to get back. "Sure what's up" "Well you see I think I'm starting to fancy Mikayla" he said "Yea I know" "Wait what do you mean you know" "Well it's kinda obvious" I pointed out. He just walked away without saying another word.

The girls arrived with the drinks. We all sat at some tables and ate and talked. After everyone finished eating we all walked around in pairs. Me and Avery, Louis and Emma, Zayn and Mikayla, and Liam and Niall. "Harry can you win me something?" asked Avery with puppy dog eyes. "Of course which one do want?" "I want the blue monkey." "Ok 1 blue monkey coming right up." I threw the baseball at the milk bottles, they all fell over. "Which one would you like?" asked the man running the booth. "I'll take the blue monkey please" He handed me the monkey which I gave to Avery. She grabbed it and squealed thank you.

We walked in silence as went to find another game. It was broken when Avery told me that Mikayla liked Zayn. "Really" I said smiling. She nodded "Well that's great cause Zayn likes her."

Mikayla's P.O.V.

Zayn and I walked around the carnival for about an hour more talking, riding the rides, and playing games. By the end of the night he had won me a pink unicorn and a small monkey. I loved them. We found everyone else and said goodbye. We walked to Zayn's car holding hands. I really like him. I told Avery and she said that I should ask him out. I want to but I'm afraid he's gonna say no. We reached Zayn's car. The car ride going was the same as coming, talking and laughing about everything and anything. We reached my house and I hugged Zayn goodnight. He watched me walk to the door before he drove away. Tonight was a great night with a great guy.

~A/N Hey everyone this chapter 2 sorry if it's bad I'm trying my best but just leave your comments and suggestions. Thanks a bunch Ly'Nese~



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