The New Girl In Manchester

Mikayla Edwards just moved from America to Manchester with her dad. What does Mikayla encounter in this new place she calls home? New friends? New enmies? Maybe even the love her life?

*Hey this is my first movella ever so please no hate thanks a bunch :)*


2. First Day

Mikayla's P.O.V.

My name's Mikayla. I just moved from America to Manchester with my dad. Tomorrow's my first day of highschool here and I really hope I don't screw anything up.

*Next Morning*

"What should I wear" I mumbled to myself. After aboout 10 minutes I finally decided on some red skinny jeans, a white flowly top, and some black and white converse. I put my hair in a high ponytail as I walked down the stairs. I didn't bother with any makeup for some reason  I don't really like it. I grabbed an apple before I walked out the door to start my 5 minute walk to school.

Once I arrived at my new school I was amazed. It was a lot bigger than my old highschool and looked a lot nicer too. While I was staring in amazment I bumped into a guy with curly brown hair. We both ended up falling in the grass. "I am soo sorry" I said while hurrying to pick up my stuff. "It's fine" he replied while helping me up. "I've never seen you around before. Are you new?" he asked. I just nodded. "Oh well I'm Harry" he introduced himself with a smile that made me smile. "I'm Mikayla. Um do you mind showing me where the front office is?" "Sure no problem. Just follow me" and with that he started walking with me close behind him.

"Thank you" I said to the lady at the front office as she handed my class schedule. "Lemme see. We have all classes together awesome." said Harry looking over my schedule. "That means I have my own personal tour guide" I smiled at him.

The bell rung signaling lunch. "Come on" Harry said grabbing my hand. "Where are we going" I asked tripping over my feet. "To meet the lads and some other girls." We finally arrived at the lunch eating area and Harry led me over to a table with 4 other guys and 2 girls. "Hey guys!" "Hi Harry" they all answered back except for the girl with straight blonde hair. "Who's your friend?" asked the boy with dirty blonde hair asked. "Oh this is Mikayla she just moved here from America. Mikayla this is Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, my girlfriend Avery, and Louis' girlfriend Emma" Harry introduced me to everyone. I waved back with a smile.

Harry's P.O.V.

Everyone seems to like Mikayla. Well everyone except Emma. She doesn't like anyone I have no idea why Louis is even dating her. She's too full of herself and a real bitch. But whatever makes him happy. When Mikayla and I sat down I kept noticing Zayn and Louis constantly looking at Mikayla. Hhmm I wonder what that's about.

Mikayala's P.O.V.

Today was a great day. Everyone seemed to like me. Except for Emma she kept glaring at me for some strange reason.

~A/N Hey guys it's Ly'Nese here comment what you think. Please no hate this is the first movella I've ever written so just comment any question, opinions, and suggestions that you might have~

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