The New Girl In Manchester

Mikayla Edwards just moved from America to Manchester with her dad. What does Mikayla encounter in this new place she calls home? New friends? New enmies? Maybe even the love her life?

*Hey this is my first movella ever so please no hate thanks a bunch :)*


7. Authors Note (Sorry)

Hey guys I'm sorry if you thought this was an update but it's not. Anyways I just want to say thanks for reading my movella I barely thought that 5 people would have read it. So I just wanted to say thanks for that and sorry I haven't updated in awhile I haven't really had any good ideas come to mind so if you have any just email me or leave it in the comments.

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Stay amazayn extrodinaharry fabulouis phenomniall brilliam

Ly'Nese :) <3
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