They Don't Know About Us

it is about 2 girls who meet one direction and fall in love with them


3. In The Hospital

A few hours later I woke up , I was in the hospital and  Zayn was right beside me holding my hand. I told Zayn that I felt better and that he coul dlet go of my hand but he didn't.About 4 minutes later the doctor walked in and Gabbie was going out of her mined asking questions and Liam had to calm her down. So the doctor told us that I was going to be fine it was just that I had a concussion. Then Gabbie was going crazy and crying saying "Does she remember anythin." The doctor replied and said "Well I am Not quite sure, why don't you ask her something." Gabbie slowy walked over to me and asked me if I remembered her. So I told her, "Didn't you hear me tell Zayn that I am fine." Acting stupid she says "Ohhh!!!! I guess I did not hear you over my crying.The doctor interuppted and said that it was ok for me to leave and that the boys need to get out of the room so that I could change. Then I told the doctor "Can Gabbie leave to", And the doctor replied and said " Ohh!! my bad forgot to say her. So I went and changed and then walked to where the boys were. The doctor had already dclined my information and had all of my paper work and recipt ready so I could leave right away. As the doctor handed me my stuff Niall had said "I guess it was a bad idea to tak ethe girls to the park, it woul dprobaly been safer i fwe ate and went home." When Niall had said that the rest of the boys Because Zayn had been in the bathroom he didn't know what had happened and was freaking out,almost yelling Zayn Cried"IS SHE OK IS SHE HURT OR ANY THING ELSE".Then I said "Zayn i'm right here ,and yes i am fine".Then Zayn was like going crazy with delight that i am ok, then I said well iI like being care for. Then Gabbie said well me Boobear is here for you . I replied to her and said iI know i'm your Malik, After I had said that Zayn was like" Hey thats my last name. Sarcasticly I say "Well you don't say". And Zayn replies and says "Oh thats your nickname". then Gabbie being sassy she says "Well no duh we only say ti all the time".Then finally Harry had gotten all of the paperwork and waliked over to the door passing us motioning us to go with him.So we got up and walked out to the car.we hopped in the car and went right to the flat. When we got to the flat Harry went to the door with louis and opened it, we all walked through the door and sat on the couch and Harry and Louis sat in the to two chairs. We sat and talked about what had happened to me and explained the story quite throughly to the boys. So I told the boys that there was a hole in the ground and I had fallen into it and fell on my head and blacked out , and that I don't remember anything after that. Since I had benn in the hospital for about 5 hours It was now 8:30 PM and so Niall ahd suggested that him Zayn and Liam go get food a, and Gabbie , Harry , and Louis could stay with me. Then at that moment the three boys left to get food and Louis ,Harry and Gabbie stayed with me until the boys came home.


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