They Don't Know About Us

it is about 2 girls who meet one direction and fall in love with them


2. Having Fun With The Boys In London

When our plane landed we were escorted off and then went to the luggage pickup and waited for it to appear. When ou rluggage got there niall grabbed Gabbie's and Zayn grabbed mine,after we left there was a cab waiting for the boys not ecpecting us to be there. We walk up to the cab and the driver asked who are the girls and why are they here. Liam being the mature one said"Well they some very nice girls we saw on the plane thought it would be nice to tak ethem home o rto a hotel wich I doubt will happen.Then Gabbie and I blush and our cheeks turn candy apple red after he said we got in the cab and drove off.We were in the cab for quite a while then at last we got to there flat and walked up to the door . With his stuff in hand Harry unlocked the door then said "Well are you going to go in or not" we were standing there with our mouths wide open because their flat was all you coul dhave ever imagined it had 12 bed rooms,6 bathrooms and all of th erooms had walk in closets. So we walked in and sat on the couch. Then I looked at Gabbie because the boys had went upstairs to upack. So I told Gabbie " We are in One Direction's house and sitting on their couch."Then not knowing that Niall was going to walk down the stairs any second Gabbie said "I know how hot does Niall look." Aftre she said that Niall was already at the bottom of the stairs and said"Wait did I hear what I think I herd because if I did hear that I am totaly fine with it, if it is the cute blonde one saying it" and Gabbie blushed. Niall had told us that Zayn was still up stairs talking to Liam and Harry. Then before Niall could say anything else I said "Who an dwhat is he talking about" and  Niall replied saying "He was talking about this girl named Katie and that she was really cute and that he wants to go out with her but does not want to hurt Perrie" Then I said " Niall I'm Katie and aww!! I can't belive he would do that."Then I said "Not trying to be mean  but does he really care about Perrie." Then Niall replied saying "I really don't know if he does, he really likes you."And I blushed. Then the rest of the boys came downstairs and said that they wanted to go out to eat and shop.So Gabbie and I agreed to going and were kind of worried about it because we had runaway and did not want anyone to find us.So went outside and got in the van and drove downtown. When we got to the Nandos downtown Gabbie and Niall said at the sametime "Ahhh!!!! NANDOS."So we went in and ate. When we were done we went further down the street and went to Jack Wills and Vans. We bought some sweatshirts at Jack Wills and I bought some new sneakers and a new skateboard and also got a sweatshirt.When we got back to the car Gabbie had suggested to go to the park.Then Harry Said "Ywah that sounds nice. So we drive about 15minutes down the street and to the left to the park.When we got to the park the boys hopped out and I yelled "OMG!!!! THE SWINGS,I haven't been on them in forever."Then Zayn ran over to the swings and yelledover to me and said " Hey Katie come swing with me." So I started to run over to him and there was a ditch and I tripped and fell in it and blacked out.

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