They Don't Know About Us

it is about 2 girls who meet one direction and fall in love with them


1. Going To The Airport

"How much farther, it is taking forever." Gabbie exclaimed. " Gosh girl we will be there in like 10 or 15 minutes,So calm down and stop your wining" I said. "Well your not my mom so i don't have to listen to you" "So but i am 1 year older than you so please stop wining" I said sternly.Wanting to cry Gabbie sa""id "Sorry i guess i was kind of harsh".   I forgot to tell you what we were wearing. Kaitlyn - Hair- long dark brown with waves. Simple cateye and light brown eyeshadow. She was wearing a bright blue varsity jacket with an R on it for her last name and tan skinny pants. She was also wearing some white sneakers. Gabbie - Hair-long brown with blonde in it. Her makeup was very suttle and natural, A simple cateye and light green eyeshadow. She was wearing a from fitting red polo with tan skinny pants a Tronto snapback and white sneakers. As we arrived at the airport Gabbie let out a sigh of relief then said "Well that took long enough" And so I replied saying "Well we still have to walk in and go to where we need to go." I said. "Well then we need to walk fast!" So we start walking into the airport and go to the gate and hand the lady the tickets. Then Gabbie said "Where are we sitting" and i replied saying " Weeellll about that,WE GOT FIRSTCLASS TICKETS!" So we go and aboard the plane and go to the firstclass area. So we had been sitting for awhile and I was asleep while as Gabbie was listening to music. But all of the sudden I heard Gabbie gasp. So then I woke up and it was very quite and I said "Where is everybody." Then a mop of curls popped out from behind Gabbie and she jumped a little. Then Harry introducted himself and the rest of the boys so he started naming off names and Liam was first then Niall, when Gabbie saw him she almost hyperventelated the he introduced Louis and she blushed, an dthen he introduced Zayn and my eyes widened and I said h-hi  you are Zayn Malik I love you so much. So then we started talikng to the boys as are flight ended.

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