Winner Gets All

Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to steal her virginity, wins their game, and gets to be lead for their next song, since they're singers. Usually, Zayn wins, because he's attractive, dark, mysterious and sexy. This year is their last year of school, and they've picked the hottest girl for last, Ellie Holmes. She's a little shy, different than the barbies the boys usually pick. She is beautiful, long wavy blonde hair with green eyes and a slim figure. Ellie doesn't exactly care for the boys though, but one of the boys is going to have to break down her walls. Someone always has to win the game. There has to be a lead to the song. So, let the games begin, and may the best member of the band win!


8. Chapter 8

I was running down the street from Liam, Louis, and Harry. I was tired, but they all appeared to have endless energy while chasing me. I looked back at the boys, helplessly making eye contact with Liam, and he weakly smiled. He was suddenly struck by a car, that came out of nowhere! I gasped, covering my mouth, looking down to see he was laying on the pavement, dead. I cried and continued my sprint down the seemingly endless road. But Louis and Harry were still chasing me! I looked back to Louis. He locked eye contact with me and then ran straight into a stop sign, and smashed onto the curb, bleeding, I stopped this time, and looked down at his flawless, now broken face. I softly sat down and touched his face. I cried again, but now Harry had reached me. I stood up staring at him, as he wrapped me in his arms and held me there. He was crying too. His deep voice reassured me, "You've made your choice, I'll always take care of you El, I pro-" 

"Wake up Ellie!" My mom was shaking me; oh God that was only a dream. I groggily opened my eyes and wiped them, there was makeup all down my cheeks. My mom hugged me, "I thought you were hurt or something, you scared me honey!" I hugged her back and said, "Oh, I just had a really bad dream.." My mom said, "Oh, okay. Why don't you get up and I'll make us a nice breakfast? It's already 10 anyways." I nodded, "Okay, sounds nice. Just let me wash my face." My mom smiled and went downstairs. What did the dream mean? Were Liam and Louis going to die because of me? I quickly washed off the cracking mascara and threw on a hoodie. It was colder in the house than usual. I could smell the bacon and Pop Tarts cooking. Pop Tarts were like a delicacy here in the UK, since they were so expensive! I was still upset with the dream, and confused. I sat down as mom gave me a glass of orange juice with a vitamin. She went back to the frying pan, and asked, "How was the date last night? The same boy as the other date or someone else?" I smiled, remembering the date. "It started off kind of awful, he took me to a scary film, but it ended up being a good date. And it's a different boy. The first boy was named Liam, and this one was Louis." She laughed, "Why was it good? You're terrified of scary films!" She knew me well. I would never willingly see a scary film. I just winked at her, causing her to crack up, laughing. I let her finish cooking the bacon, and she gave me a plate of Pop Tarts and bacon. We sat down together at our small kitchen table. Then I remembered, the party with Harry! "Hey mom, this other boy, Harry asked me to go out with him tonight..." She laughed at me, "Ellie! 3 boys in a week, this new school must be full of boys with actual brains!" We both laughed at her joke and then I said, "I guess so, I can go?" My mom smiled, "Of course, honey, just be safe okay? Why don't we go shopping and get you something nice to wear?" My mom has always been so much happier since we've moved here. She never used to randomly want to go shopping. I accepted her offer, and we quickly changed into decent clothes and walked to TopShop. Since it was so close, we brought our coffee mugs with us as we went. It was chilly out today, so I'd have to get either pants or leggings with my outfit. I ended up choosing a tight black dress with grey leopard print leggings, and combat boots. I also got these cute sparkly bow earings. I was going to look so cute tonight! We headed home and I got ready. After I showered I put on the new outfit, and straightened my hair, french braiding my bangs back, and I put on light makeup, just coverup, mascara and lipstick. I came downstairs and my mom whistled at me. Harry would be here any minute. I had a black leather jacket on as well, but I'd take that off once we got to the party. There was a knock at the door, I answered it to a very goodlooking curly brown haired boy. He smiled, and stared at me for a second, then he said, "Hi Ellie, can I come in?" I nodded and he let himself in, shutting the door behind him. He looked so nice, he was wearing a navy blazer with jeans and dress shoes. My mom came out of the kitchen and said, "Oh! Hi!" Harry cleared his throat, "Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Harry." He shook my mom's hand, and smiled to her. She looked surprised that one of my dates would actually come in and say hi, "Hi, Harry, nice to meet you." Harry commented on her top, it was Ralph Lauren, and they talked about it for a few minutes. Harry then spoke up, "El, we should probably get going, love." I blushed.... love? "Yeah, we should." Harry smiled, "I'll go start the car, it's chilly out, and you don't need to catch a cold." He let himself out and I heard the car turn on. My mom came up to me, "Ellie! This one is my favorite. He's so charming. Good pick honey. Now go have fun!" I laughed at her and said goodbye and headed outside to Harry's nice old fashioned car. I got in the passenger seat, it was already nice and warm in the car, and he had soft music on. He looked to me, "Your mom's a nice lady." I chuckled, "Thanks, Harry." We drove about 10 minutes before arriving to a huge house, with music already blaring. I sighed. Harry looked to me, "What's wrong?" I was nervous, "I've never been to a big party like this before!" Harry understood now, "Don't worry, we'll have fun, and I'll keep you safe." We got out and he grabbed my hand and led us inside the crazy party. People were everywhere, making out, dancing, drinking. Things I suck at. He kept me really close, holding my hand and taking me to the kitchen. He shook some guy's hand, saying hello and whatnot. He introduced me, and the guy basically drooled over me. He gave us two drinks, just hard lemonade, which I could handle. I sipped mine as Harry downed his. I gave him a weird look and he looked back, "That was my only drink for the night, I wanted it gone fast." I smiled in relief. I then followed his actions and chugged the rest of mine. Coughing alittle when I was done. Harry laughed and spoke, "Wanna go laugh at all the drunks dancing like idiots?' I nodded and he took us to a room with a dj, full of drunk dancers. We set our empty cups on a chair and stood, observing them for a bit. Harry smirked and whispered in my ear, "Let's dance." I laughed, "Ha, no, I can't dance for shit!" He snickered, "That's okay, neither can I!" And with that he dragged us into the middle, it was a slow song for now, I'll Be, one of my favorite songs ever. I wrapped my arms around his neck, which was difficult because he's so tall, but he pulled me close with his hands around my waist and back. We swayed and looked into eachother's eyes. I would smirk at him sometimes, and he'd smirk back. It was almost the end of the song and that's where Harry made his move. He leaned in and straightup kissed me, just one nice long kiss. We held it there for a while. Then he pulled away and I opened my eyes to see his green ones looking through me. And in a flash, those beautiful green eyes were taken away from me. There was a thud and a lot of screams. An angry, drunk, and wide eyed Zayn Malik had replaced Harry. Harry was now on the ground in pain. I sat down lightly touching his face and holding his hand. He weakly smiled, and the blood leaked from his nose.  Zayn was still standing there staring at us. I got up and slapped Zayn's right cheek. He winced in pain and whimpered, "Bitch!" I could hear Harry's faint laughter. "What'd you do to him Zayn?!" Zayn grinned but didn't answer. I pressed on. "Zayn. Seriously, he's hurt!" Zayn laughed and then said, "Oh Ellie, he'll be fine. I just knocked him over and roughed him up a little bit. He's in my way of getting you." I was disgusted. "Zayn, I promise you that you will not win this game. No matter what." He laughed again, scaring me, "Don't worry beautiful, I'll win for sure, let's just go do this now.." He yanked my hand and tried to pull me upstairs, but I dragged my feet, yelling, "Harry!" I could see Harry scrambling to get up. He ran after us and punched Zayn right in the nose. Zayn yelped in pain again and let go of his grip on my now throbbing red hand. Harry picked me up and ran us to his car. We were pulling away as we saw a completely drunken Zayn slam open the house's front door, unable to find us. Harry just kept driving, We drove for at least forty minutes. We ended up at a small McDonald's. He parked and just started stroking my face, appologizing for even taking me to the party. I smiled, and kissed his cheek, "It's okay Harry, I like that I got the oppurtunity to slap him in the face, that was fun. And that kiss was nice too...." Why did I say that. I sound like a freak now... Harry grinned and kissed me again, and again. After that we went into Mickey D's and shared a large order of fries and two McFlurry's. The whole time we held hands and talked about our lives. Harry Styles was deep. He was insanely smart too. I told him a lot about living in Ohio, and how it sucked compared to the UK. I also told him about how this game was going to change a lot about me, and I didn't want to let any of the boys win, even though they were all dying to win. Harry understood me. He was perfect. I had a feeling with him that couldn't compare to the feeling around Louis and Liam. With them it was different, Harry actually got me. He understood and truly cared. We talked for an hour in the small McDonalds until we got kicked out for not buying anything else. The drive home was long, but seemed so short. I wanted more time with Harry. "Harry?" He smiled and spoke in his soft husky voice, "Yeah?" "Can we go somewhere again tomorrow?" He laughed, "Sure, you want to come to the recording studio with me?" I smiled and nodded, "Of course." He walked me up to my porch and gave me a quick kiss, and then left. I walked in to a grinning mom, bragging about how cute Harry and I were. I agreed. 

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii drama drama drama COMMENT! Tell me if you like Harry and Ellie together?! -Alex

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