Winner Gets All

Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to steal her virginity, wins their game, and gets to be lead for their next song, since they're singers. Usually, Zayn wins, because he's attractive, dark, mysterious and sexy. This year is their last year of school, and they've picked the hottest girl for last, Ellie Holmes. She's a little shy, different than the barbies the boys usually pick. She is beautiful, long wavy blonde hair with green eyes and a slim figure. Ellie doesn't exactly care for the boys though, but one of the boys is going to have to break down her walls. Someone always has to win the game. There has to be a lead to the song. So, let the games begin, and may the best member of the band win!


7. Chapter 7

I looked to Louis and he was smirking. My eyes were probably wide and I knew I was beet red. I turned away from the movie screen and faced him, remember I'm already sitting on his lap. He grinned at me, and I quickly leaned in, and kissed his cheek. Wow Ellie, good one. He looked starstruck, and then he laughed at me. I finally broke my seriousness, "Ya never said where I had to kiss you," I winked. He licked his lips, "Good point," he paused for too long, "but I also never said I couldn't kiss you back." And there it was. He smashed his lips into mine, forcing me to kiss back, our lips moving in sync. Our mouths were gradually opening as we went deeper into the kiss, where I just noticed his tongue. I've never french kissed before so this ought to be a wonderful experience for Mr. Expert over here. I found his tongue with mine and they wrestled, he obviously won. He licked my teeth, which I do admit was kind of a weird feeling, and then stopped, closed his mouth, and kissed me soft. Then he pulled away, smiled, and let me down back on to his chest. Damn. That was the only word I could think. Like hot damn, Liam didn't make me feel this way, that's for sure. I wanted to Louis to win the game right now. But that's not going to happen, no matter how much I want it to, I can't let myself lose my control. But for right now, heck with it, I'm enjoying myself! I sat there thinking for the rest of the movie. It ended and when the lights came on I didn't want to move. Neither did Louis, but after a while a worker told us we had to get out. We quickly got up and walked out of the theater to Louis' car. He opened the backseat door and motioned for me to get in. He then got in and shut the door and pushed me up against the seat, kissing me again. His kisses were 100 times rougher than Liam's, but they were better than his. We made out for at least twenty minutes. After the last kiss Louis and I were out of breath and tired, and out past curfew. It was already midnight. If we get caught, we're screwed. I think we both realized this when we looked at the clock, so we hopped into the front of the car and Louis drove us home. On the way home Lou turned up the radio for me and I sung The A Team, Climax, and Rolling In The Deep. It was like his own personal concert, he would laugh at certain notes I'd sing, and he'd join in with his high pitched velvet voice. He was perfect. I now fancied 2/5 of the boys. I'm doing great at being the target. Meh. Oh well. We were at my house now, Louis looked dissapointed to drop me off. He smiled at me, "We've reached your stop, you can get off here or stay and sleep in Lou's bed with him. Oh wait," I giggled then said, "Lou, this date was so nice." Louis grinned and replied, "Oh, trust me, my lips make any date so nice." "You're so concieted sometimes! But seriously thanks, we should talk more often."

Louis said, "Yeah, we really should, thanks for an amazing night Ellie." He grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it, and sung 'Goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight' and with that I had gotten out of the car and blown him a kiss. He caught it and then I shut the door, smiling. Whatta night. And I have a party to go to with Harry later.

this chapter is alittle short, but only because the party chapter is going to be long and full of drama! Spoiler alert! Loullie is alittle different from Lellie huh? Is Louis and Ellie's romance merely lust? I guess we'll find out soon. But now it's Harry's turn to wow Ellie, team Haelly anyone?! Seems like Ellie is having a tough time choosing her favorite boy! It'll be even harder after the party with Harry. I'm already working on the next chapter, but it's gonna be long, so be patient!!! Comment what you think as always.



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