Winner Gets All

Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to steal her virginity, wins their game, and gets to be lead for their next song, since they're singers. Usually, Zayn wins, because he's attractive, dark, mysterious and sexy. This year is their last year of school, and they've picked the hottest girl for last, Ellie Holmes. She's a little shy, different than the barbies the boys usually pick. She is beautiful, long wavy blonde hair with green eyes and a slim figure. Ellie doesn't exactly care for the boys though, but one of the boys is going to have to break down her walls. Someone always has to win the game. There has to be a lead to the song. So, let the games begin, and may the best member of the band win!


5. Chapter 5

Aimee was waiting for me at our usual table, Liam untangled our fingers and winked as he walked over to the boys at their table. Aimee gave me the funniest look. "Oh my god, Ellie, did he just do what I think he did?" I laughed and nodded. "We went on a date last night, Aimmm.." She gasped. "You did NOT! How was it?!" I cleared my throat, this was gonna be a long one. "Welllll.... it was kind of perfect.." "That's it? Where did he take you?" She was desperate for answers, I could just tell by the way she was dragging out her words. I leaned closer and whispered, because Liam didn't need to know I was bragging about our date. "He drove us to this old castle that his family owns, it was seriously gorgeous, and it was secluded, like no one else could find us there. We had dinner there and laughed and just talked. We have so much in common Aim! Like it's crazy! He's such a gentleman too, he put me first and it was just so nice. He's definitely not the guy people make him out to be. I really fancy him.." 

Aimee gave me THE look. She raised her eyebrows, "You think you're gonna let him.. ya know?" I jokingly hit her arm, "Um, no! I fancy him, but not enough to give that away." She sighed, "You know the rest of the boys aren't going to be as nice, they're going to be difficult. I just want to warn you right now darling, don't let Zayn get you alone, because he'll be getting you into bed one way or another." I was surprised Aimee warned me about this stuff, but remembering she is my best friend now, and she has been through this, she knows. "Got any other advice for me, because it's been a day and I already like one of them!" I spit out once I realized this and was kind of upset, like this isn't right. Aimee thought for a second or two, then started spilling out advice, "There's a big West party on Saturday, I bet one of them will ask you to go with them. Don't drink, no matter what they say, they'll most likely use it against you. It's only a game to all of them, whether you realize that or not, you have to keep your head straight. Play hard to get, the longer they can't have you, the quicker they'll realize you don't want to play their stupid game. Seriously, I want you to be the first game they've never had a winner." She smiled. Someone tapped my shoulder. 

"You know, secrets don't make friends." I knew that husky voice from anywhere. I turned, "Hi, Harry." He smiled, "Hello, El." "What's up?" I replied. Uh, why was he over here? Has Liam told the boys about our little date and then the kiss in his car? I quickly looked over, immediately making eye contact with Liam. He mouthed 'I didn't tell.' I nodded to him and then turned back to the curly boy. "Erm.. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to this um.. party with me on Saturday.. you don't have to it's just I erm.. really want to get to know you." He was so awkwardly attractive. He took so much time to ask a simple question, and hmph Aimee was right! I didn't think it would be Harry asking me, but okay I guess I'll go. Might as well give curly Q a chance. "Sure, Harry, I'd be happy to go with you." I smiled at him and he grinned back cheekily. "Okay.. I'll talk to you later then.." He got up and went back to the table with the boys, and a chorus of 'ooohs' and 'get somes' followed. Boys will be boys. Aimee looked to me. "Told ya so!"

The bell rang. No more classes with the boys or Aimee, only lunch. I somehow got through the boring lectures following first hour, and it was finally lunch time. Liam was waiting by my locker for me. He kissed my cheek, and whispered into my ear, "Hi." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "How's your day Liam?" He smiled, "Good, babe. How's yours?" I closed my locker leaving all of my books inside. "Quite nice." We walked to lunch together, no hand holding this time. School was serving it's special fish and chips today, so I decided I'd buy lunch. Aimee and everyone else were at the table, but as soon as Aimee saw me she came up to Liam and I. We all waited in line together and once we got our food, Liam left us to go to the boys. My table seemed to be too absorbed in their own relationships to care about the fact that I am the target. They hadn't even said anything about it, yet they barely know me so why should they. Aimee and I chatted about nothing in particular. The day continued on boringly after lunch as I had no more classes with anyone interesting. The final bell rang, oh thank you, school is over! I made my way to my locker, no homework tonight either. Two hands snuck themselves around me from behind and a very familiar whisper's hot breath on my neck said, "Need a ride home?" I laughed, "If you want to give me one" Liam laughed, "Of course I do," I laughed, "Then let go of me so we can get out of here you nimwit!" He laughed then stopped, "Nope." I was now confused. "Come on Li.." 

"Did you just call me Li?" He asked stubbornly. "Yep, if you call me Elliebellie I get to call you Li." I giggled and was proud of what I'd just said. He groaned, "Fine." I laughed, "Good! Now let go of me before I have to hit you!" He wearily let go of me and let me grab my bag. I was about to shut my locker when Zayn snaked his way over to us. Liam looked at him seeming annoyed, "What are you doing Zayn?" I nodded, "Yeah, what's up?" He smiled at me and pushed Liam out of his way. Liam was making a puppy dog face, he looked so upset. "Don't push Liam around." Zayn laughed. "I can do what I want, honey. I'm not a child anymore." I wasn't happy. "Seriously what do you want Zayn?" He looked upset now. I kept trying to meet Liam's concerned stare but Zayn would keep giving me a look, as to not look at Liam or he'd cause problems. So I finally met Zayn's stare and crossed my arms over my chest. "Saturday night, there's a party. Be my date?" What's up with this party and everyone asking me. "Sorry, I'm already going with someone else." I quickly turned and walked away from Zayn, grabbing Liam's hand, basically rushing to his car. We hopped into his car and locked the doors just to be safe. Zayn is starting to give me the creeps. I saw Zayn exit the school, with an angry look. He walked up to Liam's side of the car. Liam barely rolled down the window. Zayn said, "Liam, come out here." I looked at Liam, desperately begging him with my eyes to keep him in the car, but no, he rolled up his window and closed the door and locked it, and mouthed 'Stay'. 

Liam's POV

I locked Ellie in the car for her own good. I met Zayn in the middle of the now empty parking lot, far enough away from the car where Ellie wouldn't be able to hear us even with the radio off. "What do you want man?" I asked him. I didn't think he was really going to do what he did earlier, Ellie hates him! Zayn lowered his voice then yelled at me, "You know exactly what I want. Her. Why are you taking her to that party Saturday, you don't even party!" I tried to calm him down, "Zayn, shut it! I'm not even the one taking her! I didn't even know until you said something. I think Harry asked her." I had surprisingly kept my cool. Zayn looked at me with fire in his eyes, "Harry won't have her for long at that party. I need that lead, Liam, can I just end the game tonight?" I had the urge to punch him in the jaw, but I didn't, "Stop. It's been two days, we have a while until the lead needs to be figured out." Zayn yelled at me again, "I don't care! That lead is mine!" I was getting frustrated, "Zayn, cool it." He looked at me and tried to calm down, "Nice move, kissing her in the car. I saw. So did the people from the website, they were taking pictures." I looked down, "They.. saw?" Zayn nodded, "Yep, they're gonna be all over by tomorrow. Hope little Ellie fancies you enough that they don't matter." I hate the way he says her name. He makes it sound ugly, when it's really so beautiful! Ugh. "She doesn't even know about the website yet.. I want to keep it that way for a little while longer, for the best of all of us." Zayn smiled a small grin, "Yeah, she doesn't need to know yet, we all will get our chance sometime. Just don't get too jealous when the lads take her out, Daddy." Zayn walked away and I stormed back to the car. Ellie looked at me apologetically. I smiled at her and give her a quick kiss on her cheek and then dropped her off at home. Hopefully she'd be worth this mess. 


Hi guys :)  I guess I'm going to start writing author's notes. I'm going to get more of Lou, Niall, and Harry into the story, because I feel like I'm leaving them out. But for now, I kind of have to! What do you think of Lellie? Cute right. What about Zayn? He's a true badboy in this. But do you think Liam has some secrets he's hiding from Ellie? Most importantly, who do you think is going to win the game?!?

Team Lellie???? Team Haelly??? Team Nellie??? Team Loullie??? Team Zellie???

Comment what you think!!!  -Alex


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