Winner Gets All

Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to steal her virginity, wins their game, and gets to be lead for their next song, since they're singers. Usually, Zayn wins, because he's attractive, dark, mysterious and sexy. This year is their last year of school, and they've picked the hottest girl for last, Ellie Holmes. She's a little shy, different than the barbies the boys usually pick. She is beautiful, long wavy blonde hair with green eyes and a slim figure. Ellie doesn't exactly care for the boys though, but one of the boys is going to have to break down her walls. Someone always has to win the game. There has to be a lead to the song. So, let the games begin, and may the best member of the band win!


4. Chapter 4

Liam's POV

Wow. Wow was all I could even think. Ellie was absolutely amazing. Tonight was brilliant and I'm not going to let any of the boys have her. I wanted her, and I'll be sure to get her. I got home finally and finished up my reading for history class, and shot a quick text (of course attaching the pictures) to Ellie.

Heyyyyy Elliebellie (i hope you don't mind me calling you that) I really had an amazingggg time tonight. See you tomorrow, goodnight beautiful xx

With that I put my phone on my nightstand. I was ready to go to bed, until my phone started buzzing. I thought it was Ellie, but it was actually Zayn calling. Hmph. I slide the bar unlocking it, answering. 

I politely said, "Hey mate," 

"Hey." He said bluntly. "Vas happeninnnnn?" I yelled, laughing. "Stop it Liam, I need to talk with you about something." Zayn said, in a way too serious tone. "Ok," I replied. What was up with him? 

"It's about Ellie," He whispered. Great. Just great. My stomach dropped and I suddenly had a stomach ache. "Go on, Zayn," I said, clearly annoyed. "It's just, I don't know man, I don't feel right using and abusing her. Ya know? She's actually a good person, unlike all the other sluts we pick for this. But I need that lead, man. You've got to let me get to know her." I groaned.

"Zayn, seriously. She's not your type, I'm already starting to fancy her, I can just get her into bed with me and end this, and then the next target's all yours." I didn't know how to put it, I just want to be with her, and not worry about the rest of the boys! Zayn laughed, "Nice try, Payne, let the game begin then." And with a click, Zayn had hung up. I was so frustrated, I have to have Ellie, I wanted her, physically and emotionally, and she wanted me too. I need to just have sex with her and get this over with, as soon as possible. 

Ellie's POV

I woke up, smiling to Liam's text. He was so friggin cute. I got ready with my usual routine, curling my hair today and wearing jeans with a grunge tee, and boots. I was ready quite early so I sat down with my mom and ate a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. I downed a cup of coffee as well and then decided I might as well get to school. I had just gotten to the sidewalk and Liam's black sports car slowed as he rolled down the passenger seat window, "Get in, love." He smiled. I laughed and opened the door, hopping in the shot gun. He was listening to Ed Sheeran's song, Drunk, today, and I loved it, again. We got to school within two minutes and we parked. "Want to wait in here for a bit? It's only 8:15, and first hour is at 9." I nodded, "Okay." He turned up the radio as One Night came on, it must be Ed day.

Liam lowered his voice, "So, El, I seriously can't stop thinking about you." I giggled a little bit, "I couldn't seem to get you out of my mind either." He smiled and looked me into the eyes. His flawless face inched closer and closer, so I leaned in more. Our noses gently touched, I giggled and then out of nowhere Liam tilted his head and nudged his lips with mine. It took me a second to realize this was actually happening, and then I kissed him back, his kisses were soft, and sweet. Not like any other boy I've kissed. It's weird, because you just stop thinking when you kiss someone and you get lost in them, and that's definitely how it was with Liam. I was absorbed with his touch, his presence, his scent. He really knew how to treat a girl right, and how to take it slow. Basically we innocently kissed in the car for a few minutes. No tongue entry. Just the soft meeting of our lips. It was nice. I finally pulled away, just because I don't want to take this any farther in a car, it's kind of uncomfortable. Liam just looked at me, smiling ear to ear. I smiled back. I laughed at how cute he is. I don't understand how someone can be that perfect. He went to open his mouth and I out of some random courage put my finger to his lips and shushed him, pulling him to me, kissing him again. I could get druuuunkkkkk off his kiss. (Ha. Ed joke.) I wrapped my arms around his neck, then moving them up through his little bit of hair. He moaned quietly, I guess touching his hair was his 'thing'. I felt his touch around my waist, dragging me in. I was basically on top of him now, out of the passenger seat, into the driver's seat. These kisses were rougher, not rough, just not as gentle as before, but they were even better. I pulled out for some air. To keep himself busy, he kissed my neck, up and down, laughing. We both started laughing at each other and then we started singing, me still in his arms. I looked at the clock on the radio, 8:43, guess we should get going soon. I looked outside the car, to see a very nosy and pissed off Zayn Malik. I sent him the evil eye and looked back to Liam, who was still busy with my neck. "Liam.." I whispered. He looked up and stopped. "Yeah, babe?" He dragged out his words. "We should probably be getting to class soon.." He looked over to the radio clock and groaned. "Yep, guess so. I like this side of you, El, not so good girl after all." He winked, and helped me get up, I grabbed my bag and shut the door. Liam locked the car and then nudged my hand with his, intertwining our fingers, sending shivers up my spine. We walked into school, to his locker, then mine, and to first hour together. Today was already an amazing day. 


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