Winner Gets All

Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to steal her virginity, wins their game, and gets to be lead for their next song, since they're singers. Usually, Zayn wins, because he's attractive, dark, mysterious and sexy. This year is their last year of school, and they've picked the hottest girl for last, Ellie Holmes. She's a little shy, different than the barbies the boys usually pick. She is beautiful, long wavy blonde hair with green eyes and a slim figure. Ellie doesn't exactly care for the boys though, but one of the boys is going to have to break down her walls. Someone always has to win the game. There has to be a lead to the song. So, let the games begin, and may the best member of the band win!


3. Chapter 3

I carefully stepped outside, smiling to Liam. He looked me up and down. Pervert. He got out of the car and opened my door for me. "Hi, Ellie." I fake smiled, "Hi Liam." "You look lovely, perfect to where we're going."  I smiled again at him as he closed my door and went back around to the driver's seat. He was listening to For the First Time by The Script. I really liked this song. He actually had decent taste. He got all buckled in and looked to me, "Ready?" I nodded and he pulled out of my drive and we were off! I sat there awkwardly humming along with the song. He looked puzzled, "You like this song?" I replied, "Yeah, I love The Script." He smiled, "Really? They're my favorite!" I laughed, "Wow, we really do have something in common!" He laughed, "Guess so." I smiled, a real one this time, "Where are we going Liam?" He winked, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." The car ride lasted another twenty minutes or so, with our back and forth banter. Liam actually wasn't that bad when you were alone with him. He was pretty serious yet carefree. It seemed like he was only a jerk earlier because he wanted to make sure he had me first, probably so Zayn wouldn't win. I enjoyed Liam's presence. I could easily start liking him, but I won't, because then he'll end up winning the game. We pulled into a lamp lit gravel drive. I looked out the window, but I couldn't make out where we were. Liam grinned, "We're here."

He turned the car off and opened my door for me again. He was a gentleman in private. I noticed our surroundings, we were at an old castle. Wow, it was beautifully crafted, with elaborate patterns on the door. A butler of some sort was waiting by the door. Liam led us to the door and looked to the butler, "Hi Jacob, is everything ready?" Jacob nodded, "Yes, Liam, go on in." Jacob opened the door for us and revealed a candlelit room with a table for two in the middle, with roses in a vase, and soft music playing- The Script. He got lucky with his music choice. I just noticed that Liam isn't wearing his norm of sweats and a tshirt, he's wearing a blazer with a tie underneath and jeans. He helped me sit down and pushed my chair in for me. "Wow, Liam, this castle is gorgeous. How did you possibly find this?" He chuckled softly, "My parents own it, I've never brought a girl here before, and you're special, so I decided I'd bring you here." I watched his body language, he seemed confident on the outside, but kind of nervous at the same time. "You really didn't have to do all of this for me." He laughed again, "Yes I did, I want to at least be a friend of yours after all of this stupidity ends." I smiled, he was really sweet. "Yeah, Liam, to be honest, I thought you were an asshole when I met you earlier, but now I see you're not at all. Of course we can still be friends after this." He looked so happy after I spoke. Jacob came over to us with a basket of breadsticks, "Li, pizza will be ready in ten minutes tops." "Thanks, Jacob." Jacob walked away, and Liam cleared his throat. "I hope pizza is okay.." I laughed, "Pizza is my favorite food, so it's beyond okay!" He laughed, "Wow, we have a lot in common, pizza's my favorite too." We both smiled at eachother. I nibbled on a breadstick and we chatted about our interests, we really did have a whole lot in common. 

The pizza came and we managed to eat the whole thing by ourselves. Liam burped after he was done, and then I burped. We both cracked up laughing. Liam looked across the room, "Whoa, Ellie, it's already 8:30, we should get going." I was sad we had to leave, "I guess," I weakly said. He smiled, "Don't wanna leave?" I smiled, "Not really, I love it here." "We can come here again soon, I promise." "Yay!" I jumped up, almost falling over because I forgot about the fact I was wearing wedges. Liam laughed at me. I said, "Oops.. hey Liam, can we take a picture together, I want to remember this night. I had a lovely time." He smiled, "Of course. I'll have Jacob take it." Jacob appeared out of nowhere. Jacob appeared to have Liam's phone. We stood by the fireplace and Liam put his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. We both smiled and heard the click of the iphone camera. Jacob went to give Liam his phone but Liam refused, "Let's take another one!" I laughed, "Fine, I only wanted one, not a photoshoot Liam!" He shrugged off my comment and this time he picked me up bridal style and we stared into each other's eyes. Jacob took the picture, but we didn't take our eyes off eachother. He leaned down. Oh God he was going to kiss me. No, not on the first date! But instead of going for my lips, he gently kissed my forehead, and Jacob snuck a picture of that too. I smiled, "Okay Liam, put me down now." He smirked, "No." He got his phone from Jacob and carried me outside to the car. He gently set me down in the passenger seat and closed my door. He smiled to himself outside the car and then he got in and drove us home. The ride home consisted of us screaming and trying to rap all of the random ghetto songs that came on the radio. I laughed so hard. We were back at my house way too soon for my liking. He left the car on in park and came to my door, opening it and waiting for me. He smiled, "I really had fun, Ellie, you're different than I expected. I'll send you those pictures. Thanks for actually coming." I smiled, "I had fun too, Liam, and you're welcome. And you better send them, I want to actually see them." Liam chuckled at me, "Okay okay okay. I gotta get going," He leaned in and kissed my cheek lightly, "bye Ellie." I smiled and walked to my doorstep as he walked to the car. I went inside and leaned against the door and smiled until it hurt. Tonight was perfect. Maybe falling in love with one of these boys would be easy.

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