Summer Impossible

Maria and her best friend Elizabeth are going to London For Summer And They Face Some Things that might not seem to be real... Are they going to end up having the best summer ever?
(A Harry Styles And Niall Horan Fanfiction)


2. The Flight

Maria's POV:

" Elizabeth, wake up"

"No" "

"Are we going to London today?"

" Yes"  I said giggling


"Thought so"

" So when do we leave"

" 8:30 sharp!" I yelled to her because she was already in the shower and getting ready

"HEYYYY!!" Maria said

" I was supposed to get in the shower first!"

"WELL YOUR JUST TO SLOW" Elizabeth exclaimed

"SHUT UP" I yelled to Elizabeth just loud enough for her to hear

"Now get out of the shower I need to take one too!!"

They both got ready and just wore casual but warm clothes. Becca and Samantha took them to the airport to go on the plane and when they got there Elizabeth started breathing in and out so hard it sounded like she was hyperventilating!

"Calm are going to pass out!" Maria said.

The flight got called out and just when the girls were saying their goodbyes for the summer their moms gave them front row and backstage passes to a one direction concert,

" here just something for y'all to do!" Samantha said.

 "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" the girls yelled

 then, they were off to London

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