Summer Impossible

Maria and her best friend Elizabeth are going to London For Summer And They Face Some Things that might not seem to be real... Are they going to end up having the best summer ever?
(A Harry Styles And Niall Horan Fanfiction)


3. The Flight (continued)

Elizabeth's POV:

" I can't believe our moms just did that" I said to Maria


"Okay" Maria said

" maybe you are just a little to obsessed, but I had to admit I was the same way I might have had a little thing for Harry, there was just something about him that made him special!"

"Shut up" Elizabeth said

"We all know you have a thing for Harry" Maria said

"I just know Maria I can tell, maybe we all could fall in love.... WOULDN'T THAT BE AMAZING?!"Elizabeth said

" Yeah it would be amazing but, why would Harry fall for me I mean he is just perfect, and I was just me, plain old me goldish yellowish hair sky blue colored eyes wasn't to tall not too short not too fat I'm not saying I'm skinny by any means But Elizabeth she is beautiful, nice, and has a great personality. Niall would be lucky to have her."

I kept thinking and hoping that this summer would go well I listened to the music on my phone it was playing Let me love you, gah I loved that song. Anyways I fell asleep the rest of that plane ride dreaming about Harry! No I couldn't, why did I feel this pain and tickling in my stomach.

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