Summer Impossible

Maria and her best friend Elizabeth are going to London For Summer And They Face Some Things that might not seem to be real... Are they going to end up having the best summer ever?
(A Harry Styles And Niall Horan Fanfiction)


11. The Dare

TRUTH OR DARE Harry yelled
We all agreed and play ok Maria you ask Niall
Truth or dare Niall?
Do you like Elizabeth!?!
Yah I guess!
Then Elizabeth and Niall started blushing like crazy
He didn't realize what he jut said
Elizabeth asked Harry and asked
Truth Or Dare?
He said dare
And she was thinking
Until she said I dare you to kiss Maria right now
I looked at Maria and kept looking into her eyes then lips over and over again
Then went for it
It sent spark ps throughout me that i had never felt before
It was a short but joy filled kiss
Then Niall and Elizabeth started singing a song
Harry and Maria kissing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Then I hit them with a pillow to stop them

Marias POV:
I dare you to kiss Maria
I was so happy
He looked at my eyes then my lips and went for it
It was a wonderful kiss
Then they started singing that kissing sing
Until I hit them with the pillow

Harrys POV:
Then I had to ask Maria
Truth or dare?
Dare Maria said
Okay okay I said
Then it cam out
I dare you to go out on a romantic date with me

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