Summer Impossible

Maria and her best friend Elizabeth are going to London For Summer And They Face Some Things that might not seem to be real... Are they going to end up having the best summer ever?
(A Harry Styles And Niall Horan Fanfiction)


7. Talking

When we got to the Dunking Doughnuts we got our seats and ordered and started talking

"So where are you from?" Harry said

" The U.S actually but we are here for the summer"

" Who's we?" He asked "

Ohhh I forgot to tell you my friend is here with me, she like my sister"

" Oh that's nice is she a fan also?"

" Yeah actually she has the BIGGEST crush on Niall"

"Ohh really well you should invite her after they talk and I could invite Niall and then they could meet and talk"

" That be great! She's going to freak "

"They could fall in love" Harry smirked

"won't be hard for Elizabeth"

" Well lets just wait and see!"

" So what do u like to do for fun I ride horses and sing sometimes"

"Oooh that's cool let me hear you Sing?"

"Not now there's too many people "


I started blushing at the fact that I might get to see him again!

"What are your favorite movies?"

" I love batman and the notebook"

" Ohhh really I have both of those on tape if you would like to go to my place and watch them"

" Sure."

"what about Niall and Elizabeth they can come here while we are still eating then after they are done talking they could come over with us and watch the movies"

" Okay that's sounds great you call Niall and I call Lizzy"

I called lizzy and asked if she wanted to come with us.

"She's on her way" I said

" So is Niall Lets see how this goes!!"

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