Summer Impossible

Maria and her best friend Elizabeth are going to London For Summer And They Face Some Things that might not seem to be real... Are they going to end up having the best summer ever?
(A Harry Styles And Niall Horan Fanfiction)


18. Important

So truth is I forgot about this story.... it's almost been 1 year since I have written, and I honestly can say that I will never have a professional job in writing, I suck at it. I have a lot of ideas, but I can't seem to form them into a story line. This story is really childish too, and I honestly can't believe it has 904 views.... I am just being honest with myself. Plus I play soccer and basketball and I constantly have homework 24/7. I am really sorry if you actually like this but I can't continue with this story line, I just read it over and it actually makes no sense whatsoever. I am really obsessed with reading them though! To fill you in on my summer, I went to a One Direction concert, there were some pretty raunchy looking girls there, desperate from attention, like really no Louis will not date you if you are 12. But yeah I teared up a little, and might be getting tickets for the "WHERE WE ARE TOUR." I love you all, thank you to the people supported me and to Raquel who wrote one of the chapters.

(p.s my birthday is in 3 weeks)

- Maria

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