Over The Rainbow

Crystal and Sapphire live in a little cottage near the Forbidden Woods. But when they do not listen to there parents and go in the Forbbiden Woods......let's just say things start to go cray cray. Mystical creatures,fights,deaths,and magic all revolve around this story. Will Crystal and Sapphire make it out alive? Or will they die trying? This story will take you on an unbelievable journey. Just remember.....Don't go into the Forbbiden Woods;)


1. Goodbye Mom and Dad.......

Crystal and Sapphire lived in a little cottage with their mother and father,Mr. And Mrs. Malone. Mrs.Malone worked in a little bakery around the corner from where they live and Mr.Malone worked in the fields all day growing fruits. One day Mr. and Mrs.Maline were going out, "Crystal? Sapphire? Come here please!" called Mrs.Malone. The girls came inside and sat down on a beat up couch, "Yes mom?" asked Sapphire, "Girls, your mother and I are going out so Crystal since you are the oldest your in charge." replied Mr.Malone, "Aince you have never been left alone in the house before I have something to tell the both of...do not I repeat NOT go into the Forbidden Woods." said Mrs.Malone, "Why not? Will something bad happen?" asked Crystal curiously, "Probably. Some children go in there and never return! Never." replied Mrs.Malone, "Ok we'll never go. Promise." said Crystal with a smile, "Good now we will be gone for three weeks depending on our boss." said Mr. Malone, "Boss?" asked Sapphire confused, "Yeah uh.. Gotta run bye!! Come on Steve!" said Mrs. Malone.When Mr. and Mrs. Malone were out of sight Crystal got an idea,"Hey Sapphire! Let's go into the woods." said Crystal, "Are you stupid? Mom and Dad just said kids disappear there! Besides its Forrbidden duh." replied Sapphire,brushing her hair. "We could at least pick berries for mom and dad there." said Crystal, "Why would they want pie?" asked Sapphire,"It would be a great 'Welcome Home' present." replied Crystal, ".......Only for mom and dad?" asked Sapphire unsure,"Only for mom and dad." said Crystal smiling,"Fine but not for long."
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