I Think I Love You



2. WE'RE GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        I’ve been thinking about what Makayla said. I’m so shocked because I usually say the smart things. I usually tell her what she does wrong and how she can fix it. Should I leave? What about my family? What about my friends, my boyfriend? It’s hard just to let go but starting a new life would be good. It would actually be great. So I am gonna start a new life… in London. I’m gonna call grana before I tell Makayla, she’s sleeping anyway. It is so hard to wake her up so I just have to wait until she gets up.

“Hi grana how have you been?”

Oh I have been great sweetie how about you?”

“Not so good grana so I have a very important question for you,”

“Anything sweet heart,”

“Okay so I have been having some trouble out here… so Makayla and I wanted to know if we can come and stay out there, we will research modeling companies out there and I’m going to just leave volleyball behind. Occasionally play though,” I blurted out to her fast but I know she understands and it’s taking a while for her to answer.

“Absolutely, you don’t know how lonely I have been without my grandkids! And you know, my friend is modeling instructor and I can talk to her about you finding work… I’ll buy you guys the tickets and everything when do want to come? The sooner the better I have missed you so much!”

This is so exciting now I don’t even have to look for work! Makayla is going to freak I can’t wait to leave now!

“Okay grana when do you want us to come it’s up to you I mean it is your place we’ll be staying at,”

“Yes I know, I know how about you get all packed up and be ready to come by Friday it is Monday right?”

“Yes grana it’s Monday its 11 o’clock in America,”

“Oh wow its 8:00 in London that’s so cool!”

“Well I will order the tickets tomorrow, I’ll call Angelic right after I get off the phone and I’ll go shopping and get everything for your rooms set up by Thursday,”

“Grana our rooms don’t have to be anything fancy seriously,”

“Now who am I? I will not have my granddaughter and her best friend sleeping in a normal room it has to be like you not like a room,”

“Okay grana knock yourself out call me back about the modeling stuff I love you!”

“I love you to baby, okay bye,”


I yelled into the phone. My life has already gotten 10 times better and I really want to keep it that way. It’s Time to go wake Makayla up. Yippee…? I hate walking stairs they suck. And now I have to walk up the stairs to wake Makayla up, knowing she’s really not gonna wake up. So this time I run up the stairs screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs, banging on doors and then I go in my room where she is and start hitting her with a pillow she doesn’t budge. But then I get the perfect idea! I go to her  iPhone and turn on Kiss you by one direction. I absolutely hate the song, their music, and them… Period. I don’t know why I just do. It’s something about them that just irks me. But Makayla on the other hand loves their music. Not them so much but their music a lot! I turn on the music very low because I hate it so much, and I set it by her ear.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Makayla yelled automatically. She is so weird.

“WHAT!?!!” I yell back at her.

“Oh,” She whispered looking embarrassed with a light shade of pink coming up to her face.

   “It’s fine! I have some good news!!” yelled at her happily.

“What is it,” she told me, still kind of embarrassed.

“Okay… I called my grana she said we can come and live with her she has a model instructor friend who she’s going to talk to and she is buying us the tickets…SOOOO… we have to start packing now because we are leaving on FRIDAY!!!!!” I yelled in like ten seconds. Makayla looked speechless until she said,

“WE’RE GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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