I'm In Love With You

Hayley Cates and Harry Styles have been dating for a couple years now. They are living the perfect life. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Until Yvonne returns.


1. Harry Styles

I leaned on Harry's shoulder. We have been on this airplane for like...forever! "Hayley, I love you,'' he said out of the blue. "I love you to, Hazza." I laughed and leaned in for a kiss. I feel I am the most luckiest girl in the world with Harry. "I turned around and looked at Zayn. He always knew when we were going to be somewhere. "Hey Zayn," I started. "Yes?" he asked. "When are we going to be at Vegas?" I ask. "In about thirty mintues," he said. "Okay, thanks!" I said. I look next to him and Louis is eating carrots. Of course. Liam is reading a book and Niall is next to him looking out the window.

When we arrived at the airport, fans swarmed around us. At least fifty around each member. About ten came up to me. "Hayley! Can I have an autograph?" asked a little girl. Wow, that was the first time a girl asked me for an autograph. "Of course, sweetie! What's your name?" I asked her. "Wendy,'' she said. "Beautiful," I say. I write her a message and sign my name. "Thank you so much, Hayley!" she says and gives me a hug. I take a picture with all the girls that want them. I also autographed a lot of peoples books, too. "Wow! I have fans, too!" I told Harry and laughed. Harry Edward Styles. The one for me.

The tour bus was right outside the airport. Fans swarmed around and screamed there names as they walked in. The girl, Wendy, waved to me. I waved back to her. As I stepped in, I tripped. "Are you alright, love?" said Niall helping me up. "Yes, thanks Nialler." I got up and walked into the living room. I turned on the television. SpongeBob SquarePants was on. "Haz! SpongeBob SquarePants is on!" I could hear Harry rushing to the couch. He through his arm around me, and sang along to the opening. "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!" Liam came out. "Harry, you are such a child." he said. We all laughed. "I know, Leeyum." Liam sat next to Harry and we watched the telly. Ths episode was called "The Krabby Patty Who Ate Bikini Bottom." This was my favorite episode!

As the episode ended, I headed to my room. Harry stopped me. "Hayley! I'm going to get some icecream with Li, Zayn and Lou! Wanna come?" he said. "Nah, I'll stay here. I have a lot of unpacking and stuff to do!" I said. "Okay, we'll be back back.'' and they left the bus and got in their car. I heard a knock at Harry and I's bedroom. "Hayley, It's Niall," I heard. "Come in!" I say. He opens the door and walks in. "Can I talk to you, Hayley?" he asks me. "Of course," I say. "I wanna break up with Bri. But she loves me too much! She even said she would kill herself if I broke up with her!'' Niall starts to cry. "Aww Nialler, all youhave to do is break it. I doubt she'll kill herself." I say to Niall. "I guess you're right. But what do I say?" he lookes worried. "Just say I can't with all the touring ad my job and career and stuff. And if she says long distance relationship, just say it wont work." I said to Niall. "Okay, but do I do it by phone?" he asks me. "Nope, n person.'' I say back

When Haz returns, I give him a big hug. "Hey babe," he said to me. "Hi Harry!"  said. ''I can't make it to your concert tonight, Harry." "Aww, why not?" he gives me puppy dog eyes. "I'm going to the mall with Katie." I said to him. Katie is Louis's girlfriend. "Oh, alright." he says and gives me a fake soft punch in the arm. We both laugh. I look into his eyes, a beautiful green. Then, all of a sudden, I fell a push on my head causing me to kiss Harry. We pull back and look at Lou. He's blushing. He is always playing jokes on us. We just roll our eyes. "We have to go get ready for our concert." Harry says. "Oh, right! You guys have fun, okay?" "Okay," they all reply.

My life is perfect right now.

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