I Wanna stay in your arms forever

This story is about a girl named Alice (Ally) and a boy name Niall, they were best friends since they where four years old till Niall's dad got a job offer in Hawaii when he was 14 so he had to leave, they both said goodbye and both had strong feelings for each other but never admitted it because they where scared that it would ruin they're friendship but then three years later he came back and suddenly feelings started rushing to the surface for both of them, but what Ally doesn't know from Niall's abusive past when he left might change everything, will Ally and Niall survive the truth together?


2. Lust and Pain.


Ally’s P.O.V

He was handsome in many ways, I felt it everything he liked me back I couldn’t keep away from him after he spun me around and picked me up from my waist, after he put me down again he started to kiss me on the neck and it sent shivers down my spine this was my weak spot, I stopped and thought...did he know that he was my first kiss? I am 16 and have never been kissed and my best friend was my first kiss ever, it made me weak to my knees to think my first crush, my best friend, and my first kiss was just one person who I knew forever, I didn’t want to lose him but I didn’t want to let him go I also thought he’s probably done this before with at least two or more girls so I felt violated but I didn’t want to stop because of what I felt for him but I had to “Niall” I tried to say it through me gasping while he was kissing my neck “Yeah Ally” he said it looking into my eyes he was soaking wet from the rain I struggle saying “You know how you said for a long time, H-how long exactly?” I wanted him badly “Ten I think, you where in some jeans and a green shirt on that said sass and you had your hair in a ponytail, you asked me who I liked but I couldn’t answer because at that moment it started to be you, ever since then I couldn’t like anyone else but you” he stroked my hair and I swear I was going to cry from how overwhelming it was “what about you” he asked “I asked that because I started liking you had brown hair and was wearing a grey hood with a black top and some loose jeans, I wanted to know who you liked so I could start hating her because of what you felt for her” it was all true I wanted to hate the girl who he liked, but I guess that’s why he never did tell me, but did that mean I was his first kiss too, was I probably going to be his first?

Niall’s P.O.V

I felt a rush through me, your fingertips going through my hair as we kissed and then I got nervous about everything but after a while we calmed down snuck onto my bed a cuddled she took her shirt off because it was soaking and I changed my pants her underwear and bra were kind of wet from the rain but I didn't mind but all I knew is she’s the first girl I’ve ever laid eyes on that has ever been naked and I've ever felt close but she wasn’t just any girl she was full of potential and greatness and asked why she was even next to me, I was well me. I know I needed to tell her exactly what happened why I kept writing in that journal, she knew most of it but the day was ending and the storm was dyeing down and my dad was going to be home soon, I needed to get her home soon before he came home and started to hurt her, I was not going to let that happen, but then I heard the door slam open, I knew it was my dad then and I needed to get her out I told her to go to the bathroom and put on her clothes but it was too late before she got in the door my dad came into my room and saw her and he didn't look pleased, I knew what was going to happen but I was going to protect Ally no matter what he was not going to hurt her. 

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