I Wanna stay in your arms forever

This story is about a girl named Alice (Ally) and a boy name Niall, they were best friends since they where four years old till Niall's dad got a job offer in Hawaii when he was 14 so he had to leave, they both said goodbye and both had strong feelings for each other but never admitted it because they where scared that it would ruin they're friendship but then three years later he came back and suddenly feelings started rushing to the surface for both of them, but what Ally doesn't know from Niall's abusive past when he left might change everything, will Ally and Niall survive the truth together?


3. Hurt and Crushed.

Niall's P.O.V

"What is this?" great hes drunk I knew I had to do something I just wanted to protect her but all that came to my head was just go in front of her and take the beating he was going to going give me, so i did. and felt pain going through my jaw.

All I could hear the beating he gave me and Ally crying and screaming stop it. but he didint I almost passed out when he was done with beating me "You get out of here, and take him with you" I heard him say and then i felt tears on my shoulder, it was Ally trying to help me up to her car, it hurt every step I took but I knew I needed to get out of here and Ally needed to also so I just breathed the pain in, I got to the car and Ally helped me in then she drove off I felt pain through my jaw and next to my eye, I could barely stay awake we finally got to her house I still had to breath through the pain and walked in her house "OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED" I guess that was her mom "He got hurt, mom can he stay here for a while?" she could barely say that without crying "Of course honey, you just go put him on the couch i'll go get some stuff" I was great full  she said yes because I wouldn't have anywhere to go, I laid on the couch and Ally sat beside me on the ground holding my hand as hard as she could, I felt like there wasint any blood in my hand anymore but I didint care and dont blame her "Im sorry" I said it knowing she would say it wasint my fault "Its not you're fault Niall, Thank you for doing that but why did you have to i could have helped you" she was really mad at me but wouldn't take her eyes off me "I had to Ally if I didint I dont know what he would have done to you, I wont let you get hurt" I meant it I would take a bullet for her.

Ally's P.O.V

He looked a mess with blood everywhere, finally my mom showed up with a bowl of hot water a cloth and some clothes I'm glad he did that for me but seeing him hurt doesint make me feel any better then i would have if i had gotten then beating instead of him.

After I was done cleaning him off we went to my room I had to change him it was funny but  didint feel like laughing but he did anyway, after that I cuddled him and I just fell asleep in his arms and my head on his chest. I knew that he couldn't go back and I wouldn't let him, just seeing him helpless and I couldn't do anything but beg for him to stop hitting Niall but he wouldn't till he looked a bloody mess, I felt awful knowing this was my fault so after this I knew I owed him big I had plans already in my head on what to do but first I needed to just help him out, Tomorrow was going to be brutal.

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