Love at First Sight!

She was just an average girl who went to class every day with the same people...her family was just like any other family...until she bumps into a new kid at school.!


5. The Note

Alex's POV

"I don't know, open it!" she said more anxious then me. "I'm trying to! Geeeeez, calm down." I said trying to get her to calm down so I could open it. I stood there opening it slowly a smile was creeping on my face, it was from him. "What does it say?" Emily asked. " Nothing, I have to go. I will text you... I promise." I said slowly walking away. She looked upset, I felt so bad just leaving her standing there.

Harry's POV

I was patiently waiting for her to show up, twiddling with the flower in my hand. I turned to talk to Niall."What if she doesn't show up?" I said nervously. "She will... I promise!" Niall said walking away. I heard  a door open I turned to see Alex standing there smiling. I hoped off the stage and played the music, I walked up to her taking her hand. " So I see you got my note" she smiled her face was beat red, it was so beautiful, I spin her around and bring her in closer to me and whispered in her ear "You look lovely." I said. I started to sing as my song came on. She looked at me and giggled "What's so funny?" I asked " Nothing, your just so cute, that's all!" She said and her phone beeped. From Em ;): 'what happened why did you leave me there? :\'

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