Love at First Sight!

She was just an average girl who went to class every day with the same people...her family was just like any other family...until she bumps into a new kid at school.!


4. Math.

Emily's POV

As I walk in the classroom I noticed that the seat beside me was empty. Where was Alex? There is three more minutes until class starts...maybe she's running a little late. I looked at the clock two more minutes. I say to my self just as she walked in. "Finally!" I said a little to loud. "Sorry, I ran into someone at lost track of time." she said with a huge grin. It looked like she was going to jump out of her seat with excitement. "Why so happy girl? What happened while I was gone?" I said with curiosity. "Nothing, I'll tell you later!" she said as the class began. 

I sat in my desk impatiently waiting for the class to end. I couldn't wait for the end of class, she was going to tell me what happened between her the new boy. I knew something happened I could see it in her eyes. Finally, the bell rang. She rushed out of the class like she was running a marathon or something. I ran as fast as I could to try to catch up with her, she stopped at her locker to see a note stuck to it. "Who's it from?" she asked me curiously. "I don't know, open it!" I said and started to get all excited.

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