Love at First Sight!

She was just an average girl who went to class every day with the same people...her family was just like any other family...until she bumps into a new kid at school.!


2. Lunch

Alex's POV

I was sitting in the Cafeteria about to eat lunch and a  new guy I've never seen before walked in and looked at me...and for some reason I got major butterflies and got a tingling feeling. He was gorgeous! He had nice emerald green eyes and brown curly hair that was so gorgeous, oh, and he was British. 

I watched him as he walked by. My friend caught me staring. She elbowed me, "Hey, Alex stop staring!" she whispered. I blushed. "You like him don't you?" said Emily "No, I don't know what you are talking about..." I said starting to stare again. "Okay but I think you do." Emily said with a big smile across her face. "Okay you think that....besides I don't even know him, and he probably doesn't even know I exist." I said with a frown."Oh don't say that, you don't know that..." I cut her off, "Ok, your right, I do like him okay.? Is there something wrong with that?" I said angrily. "Sorry, I didn't know u would get offended." She said.

"It's alright, I have to go anyways. See you in math." I said and walked to my next class.


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