Love at First Sight!

She was just an average girl who went to class every day with the same people...her family was just like any other family...until she bumps into a new kid at school.!


3. History Class

Ughh, history. Great, I hate history! 

OMG! He's in my history class! No, it cant be! is the curly haired boy I seen in the cafeteria. I sat in the middle of the class, and guess who was right behind me! Him! Every time I looked at him I got butterflies! Emily was right I liked him. A lot! I know that's a lot to say by just looking at him but it's true.

As the bell rang, I got up to leave and I bumped into someone. I dropped was him, as I bent down to pick my stuff up he helped me with them, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you I should have really been watching what I was doing." he said in his deep British accent...i loved it! "It's all good, it was my fault, not yours." I said nervously. "I know this is kind of random but what's your name?" he asked looking into my eyes.  

"Alexandria, but I prefer Alex." I said with a huge grin on my face trying to keep my excitement in, but it wasn't working. "Alex..I like it. Well nice to meet you Alex." he said waiting for me to answer him. "Yeah, nice too me you...." "Harry," he interrupted me. "Nice to meet you Harry but I have to get going to math, see you around." I said getting ready to go to math. "Yeah, see you around." he said with a smile on him face.

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