How We Met

Madison's sister recently passed away in a car crash. She becomes extremely depressed, and visits fifth north, where she meets celebrity Harry Styles. But why was he there?



My sister pulled my arm.
"We're gonna go backstage." She yelled into my ear. "What? Are you crazy? We can't go backstage!"
"Maybe YOU can't, but WE can!" She smiled at her friends, then back at me, "Look, I didn't want you to come anyways. You stay here, you can take the car home too, Harry's driving me home!" She joked. Her friends laughed, and so did she. "Your insane, Karlia! Stay here." My voice was getting louder.
She rolled her eyes, and looked up at the stage, "Okay. We're going-.." She stopped for a minute. "Fine. We're gonna go over there, though. Stay here, you aren't coming." She pointed near the stage, and disappeared into the crowd of teenaged girls, singing their hearts out. I knew something was up. Karlia wouldn't give up that easy. I pushed my way through the crowd, and saw Karlia and her friends open a door discreetly, and walk in.
My face felt hot, and my fists clenched. I followed them to the door, and crept inside. I hid behind a yellow wood box, and a looked around the white hallway for my sister. I heard a door swing closed behind me, and saw Karlia walk into a room, with a gray star, outlined in pink which read, "HARRY STYLES" in shiny gold writing, which looked brand new. My hands started to sweat, and I became extremely nervous.
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