How We Met

Madison's sister recently passed away in a car crash. She becomes extremely depressed, and visits fifth north, where she meets celebrity Harry Styles. But why was he there?



"Mom," Karlia pulled her bag off the railing, and raced to the door, and grabbed her shoes. "I'm going to the concert now! Alright?" She smiled, and threw on her worn out, red TOMS shoes. "Who are you going with?" My mom asked, and she peered around the corner. "A bunch of my friends." She grabbed her light blue hoodie, and pulled it over her head.
I stood at the bottom of the steps, listening to the conversation. "Only if you bring Madison with you." Butterflies swarmed in my stomach. I couldn't find any tickets online, so I couldn't go tonight. "But, we only have five tickets, and-" She was cut off by the loud buzz of her phone.
She quickly answered it, "Hello? (Pause) Why not? (Pause) Okay. We'll miss you tonight, then. (Pause) Okay bye. Love ya!" She hung up her phone, and put it in her pocket. She looked at me disappointed. "You're in luck. Rachel can't come. Go get dressed."
I smiled, and struggled to get up the stairs. "Okay! Thank you!" I bolted up the steps, and stripped my clothes. I threw on a baggy off-the-shoulder striped red and black shirt, and put on my dark skinny jeans. I grabbed my small, brown, leather purse, and threw the strap over my shoulder, and scrabble to get out of my bedroom door. I finally got down the steps. "Let's go," I exhaled, and shut the door behind me.
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