When Two Worlds Collide

The only thing different about Effemy Dillard was her name.

That was until she found herself stranded in a hazardous forest, with just no exit. Try dropping the bomb on a lost, confused girl that she is the only hope for the world's existence. That she was the only one who could control the merging of Earth and Tezave. Trying to convince Effemy that a world full of magical creatures was real would be difficult, but this is an unexpected journey.


2. A Curious Site

    If you were to be walking out of Farella High School, you would not see the portal that the elves ha disguised. It was, in fact, hidden only until Effemy Dillard walks by. The elves back in Tezave prayed that the teenage girl wouldn't be oblivious to the site. 


    Little did they know, Effemy has always been a curious, observant girl. 


    So, typically, when Effemy saw the swirling purple light, she was immediately curious. 


   "Do you see that?" Effemy spotted, jabbing her finger towards the woods beside the school. 


    "See what?" Tom wondered, craning his neck to experience what Effemy was witnessing. 


    "That light!" Effemy shouted, frustrated at how nobody could ever see what she sees. It was like she had a sixth sense, where she could see crazy things that would seem cooked up by a five-year-old's imagination. She wasn't insane, and she knew it. It was there, and she had to find out what it was. 


   "You're doing it again!" Tom chuckled. 


   "Doing what? I swear to you, there is a light, and I'm going to prove you wrong. I'm going after it. 


   "Eff, no! You don't know what's in that forest," Tom warned. 


   "Well, I do know that it runs to Canon Park. What harmful things could be hidden in the distance of here to Canon Park?" she snapped. "Oh c'mon, stop being such a baby and let's go!" 


    "I'm not going there."


   "Fine. Suite yourself, I'm going and you can't stop me."


   "Go for it." Tom hollered after her as she stomped away into the forest. Randomly, a combination of guilt and panic settled in for Tom, as he chased after her in defeat. 


    "It's moving faster," Effemy called, sensing Tom's presence beside her. 


    "I don't see what exactly is moving faster," Tom scowled. 


    "We've got to run!" she directed. "It's telling us to!" 


    "You are going mad."


    "I'm positive it's trying to guide me to something, Tom, and I will find that!" Effemy called over her shoulder as she broke into a sprint. Tom zoomed after her, in fear of being left behind of Effie's determination


     "And what do you suppose this 'light' will lead you too?" Tom panted. 


     "Something. Anything! I feel it, Tom. I know it."


     Zip went the light, zigzagging through the trees, darting up and down, under groundhog holes, through logs, and around trees. Try as they might, Tom and Effemy couldn't keep up with the light, as it began to somersault through the air. 


    The pair stopped, and Tom doubled over into pants. Effemy only let out a sigh in defeat, and hadn't even broken out into a sweat. 


     And then, something unexpected happened, just like this journey, and the light whipped around and darted back towards them. Effemy just stood, starting in awestruck wonder as the purple light circled around the, as if saying 'come on!'. Effemy shot Tom a glare. "That can't just be a coincidence."


    This time, however, it was Tom who gazed in awe. He was looking at a floating purple light, something he had never seen before. His eyes couldn't seem to pry away from it, as he marveled about the swirling purple mist within it.


    "Amazing," Tom breathed.


    "I told you I wasn't cuckoo." 


    Tom was too appalled to reply, reaching out to touch the purple light. This sent chills down Effie's back, at his trance-like state. At the feel of contact, the light jerked away, and Tom was jerked out of his state. 


   "Come on!" Effemy cried as the light zoomed away again- this time a tad bit slower than before. They jogged behind, pondering on where this light may take them.


    Never did they consider going to Tezave.


    Suddenly, they were stopped short, whipping their heads around, scanning all over their forest. "Where did it go?" Tom gasped. Effemy didn't reply, for she didn't have an answer, not to mention the lump forming in her throat, blocking all speech. 


    The purple light appeared suddenly, spinning around their heads rapidly, pushing Tom and Effemy back to back as it circled. The light began to circle downwards, moving to their neck, to their chest, stomach, legs, and lastly their feet, leaving purple trails all around them, which whipped around too. Effemy's hair blew around, such winds being conjured by the light. 


    "What's happening!" Tom screamed, lungs clogged with heavy winds. Effemy gasped to keep her breath, shouting back, "I don't know!" 


    The image of the forest was wiped away, and all they could see was the fast whipping of purple. Time didn't seem to come into play anymore. 


    Abruptly, the spinning ended, but this was not why the duo gasped. It was because they were no longer surrounded by the forest scenery, but they were being marveled at by five short men. 

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